Arizona to countersue fed over immigration issues

Arizona to countersue feds over immigration issues


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As I see it.

Well, I looked around the web a bit, and there isn’t that much information on what sort of legal basis their claims have in a specific case like this. That said suing the federal government generally doesn’t work out.

I don’t think this will go anywhere. Because if they are suing the fed for “not keeping borders safe”, it would be as inane as say NY suing the federal government over 9/11, or Hawaii suing the fed over Pearl Harbor, it’s not going to go anywhere.

The immigration issue is a problem and does need to get solved, but militarizing the border isn’t going to do it.

Besides, with the unemployment level in AZ, economic stagnation, and all the other problems you’d think they’d have bigger fish to fry.

At least it’s not just SRK that allows blatant racism. It’s an entire state’s official policy.

I love my whacky southern neighbours.

being racist seems less scary to me than having extremely porous borders

you think the chinese or the japanese give a fuck how racist people think they are?

as i see it

They should just call him: [media=youtube]brBVjEdOIVU&feature=related[/media]

Stop trying to be relevant, Arizona.

wow, not bad.

So i haven’t been up with the times or anything as in… read any changed that have been applied to the bill

But Im mexican, living in AZ
dude… this law is good… Most people just pissed cuz it gonna give them a reason to act like better citizens
IE, shyt I can’t drink and drive or have weed cuz I might get pulled over for being brown!
um… Sorry ARIZONANS, no1 gave a fuck bout u b4, and they still wont… YOUR TIO ryding around in the dashboard however! haha

Bitch(JAN), how the fuck you STOp an Invasion in negative 2 months over something thats been happening for like 30+ years

Im all for the ppl that actually work for visas to get in here! But I dnt like illegals cuz most of them feel that a state rights and constitution are GOD GIVEN rights and wanna exploit the system… A lot of them are good hearted, but many wanna break the law here…

I just hope it doesn’t take violence in the boarder towns (US SOIL OBVI BRO) for ppl to take a real stand(is stand the word I wanna use?)

lmfao! I thought he was gonna make them do push ups! haha

What AZ needs is to stop growing and “importing” so much shitty weed ! STILL feels like the wild west with all the tumble weed blowing through town! haha…