Argentinian Arcades

Well this is for anyone thinking about making a trip to south america. I must admit that we dont have a big arcade scene, but i used to go to GT before it closed and miss the action :wgrin: There is decen mvc2 players here, and they tend to play more KoF, and there is no 3rd strike machine around. Actually the only way to play it is in a dreamcast or PS2. I got a dreamcast with p360 joysticks, so if anyone thinks about coming by and get some good games send me an email.

Thanks for your time…

La gente juega MVC2 en Argentina? Bueno por lo que puedo ver MVC2 y KOF son los juegos mas jugados en america latina

Yes we do play MvC2 here. I could tell you about two arcades from the top of my head that have good competition. In lavalle between florida and maipu there is one, here the people tend to play more with the third teir characters and some are pretty good (they are not used to the top level of gaming). The other one is in Avenida Rivadavia and Nazca, here there is a really good level of gaming and used to do tourneys before, the only problem is that i think they had a MK in that cabinet before because the buttons arrangment. But if any of you come by let me know and we can arrange so i help out with the languaje, and i show you around the city a bit.

si hubieras publicado antes te hubiera ido a buscar… fui a buenos aires en agosto pasado estuve una semana y si ps solo habia kof y mvc2 como en la mayoria de makinas en sudamerica, sobretodo como dices en lavalle y florida donde hay como 3 arcades creo. De repente voy para el clasico boca/river, te aviso si voy para jugar 3s si es que juegas.

well well well… looks like my luck is changing. I finally found a 3rd strike machine in buenos aires :looney: So if any of you happens to come by, i would love to get some competition. That or in MvC2

Well I got updates, recently a friend who plays mvc2 started a forum for local competition. It doesnt have a year yet, but we already got fresh blood in the forum. If any of you would like to come, please post in the forum (its in spanish tho)

the forum address is:

thanks for your attention

Where?! The only thing I see these days are MvC2 cabinets. I was lucky to find a SFA3 the other day in Lavalle.

hi, im cesar, from argentina and we all play in my house with my sticks, everyone is welcome to my house to play mvc2 and i am starting to play SF3S, my msn is speak with me please

Excuse me for my delay, the only 3rd strike cabinet i see it is on Alberdi, near General Paz in mataderos. I know it is really far, but it is the only 3rd strike cabinet I know about in argentina. Sadly I never find someone playing it, and if I do they ask me to wait untill they are finish with their credit :frowning: That is so sad for me, because I like to play head games. If you play 3rd strike in buenos aires hit me up

And Cesar it is a known person of mine, he plays mvc2 really good. Good enought to give competition, lately he is getting a lot better.

Hace tanto que no voy a un arcade por ac… quedan muy pocos, la gran mayora con pocos juegos y muy viejos, hacks de KOF 2002 y poca gente. Los cybercafes aniquilaron a los arcades argentinos.

Por otro lado no hay mucha movida de torneos y todava no se sistematiz tanto el conocimiento como en otros lados, salvo por unos pocos emprendimientos como el de Csar. Espero que se arme una buena comunidad de Super Turbo gracias a sus torneos.

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