Are you connected wirelessly?

i have HDR for PSN and Xboxlive but i only play on xbox live cause i cant hardwire my PSN to the internet. i would like to play some different people as i come across the same people on xbox constantly. how many of you are connected wirelessly and is it even worth it to play online wireless? it seems my games are not as smooth on PSN but i cant tell if its cause of usual lag or a bad connection on my end.

I’m on wireless for the time being, but I’ll eventually get on the wired connection. I get kicked from pre-match screens in SFIV too much :frowning:

I’m wireless and I have great connections.

Hell no>heavens no, im always wired when i play vidoe games online.

I used to be on wireless, it screwed me up so much with disconnects in Tekken 5 DRO and MKII. Wired is the way to go, for your PS3 and yourself.

I have been on wireless for a while now, think I will have to buy another long ethernet cable real soon

PS3’s upstairs, routers downstairs. Aint got much if a choice.

Yes you do, get a long cat5/cat6 cable. Im pretty sure your online play is not that smooth.

It is. I’ve got no complaints as long as who I’m playing isn’t too far away.

wired ftw…

Wireless. My wireless router is about 2 feet away from my PS3.

^^ What he said. No issues what so ever.

this is my dilemma

Yea, I tried that for like a day and it was getting a lot of random disconnects. I was terrible back then, so I KNOW I wasn’t inspiring ragequits… mercy quits maybe, if such a thing exists… Could’ve been the shitty 2-wire router that ATT provided me with, I dunno. All I know is, I went and snatched a 3foot ethernet cable from work and haven’t looked back since.

I was on wireless for about a month playing sf4, but as soon as i connected it was alot better alot less problems and better connections. My friend said he used wireless and some kind of an adapter than he plugged in to increase the connection worked rather well.