Are you a hardcore fighter?

Do you only play fighting games?

Do you only use the guy at the top of the tier list?

I do, i always use the guy at the top of the tie list, meta knight, sagat, you name it.


i only know how to play fighting games

I’m a very hardcore fighter. Yes, I use the tier list. I won’t use a broken character, however. No, Sagat doesn’t count as broken. He’s only my Secondary. Rufus maining FTW.

SF for life. :cool:

Of course, I do it whilst riding a unicycle wearing a monacle, clown shoes and a top hat.

erases existance of this thread from memory

Lol, brawl.

-High fives-

Same here. I’m terrible at every game but fighting games.

I’m not surprised the games mentioned are Brawl and SFIV.


After re-reading the op I’m a bit confused, how can Sagat be at the top of the tie list if he never wears a shirt, surely top tie for SF4 is C.Viper followed by Donkey Kong for Smash.

(On to the second point, how can you only play fighting games if you have a main from a party game?)

Lol, i usually use the top guy at the tier list, but i stopped since 2 months ago, after my 4th win at a local tourney being called “Using a cheap ass broken chracter” i had to main ryu, since nobody said anything =]

Oh and in my eyes i don’t see brawl as a party game.

I’m not really a hardcore fighter, but I really do LOVE competitive fighting over the internet. I don’t go as far as going to competitive fighting tournaments or get-togethers, but I still prioritize competitive fighting when it comes to games.

im a hardcore player

real men play low tier

09er failness at its finest

You show me a true badass in anything, I’ll participate in it.

fighting games are my favorite fighting games

Aren’t you a Bison player in SFIV? Some dude made a thread bitching about you beating him with one move.

Real men play who they want to.

I bet you still lose too :rolleyes:… and it’s “tier” not “tie” B :lol:…

I thought this meant u were blind and were trying to play fighting games. I mean who else plays Brawl seriously besides ppl who cant see it?

You know this thread is pretty redundant. Making a thread to asking people on Shoryuken, a forum for hardcore or serious fighting game players, if they’re hardcore is stupid.

Also, picking top tier characters just because they are top tier isn’t called hardcore fighting, the correct term for it is tier whoring. Just wanted to let you know.

Umm… the bashing of this thread for mentioning Brawl may continue…

you know what i mean :cool: