Are there still lot of players PS4 USF4?

bought a new ps4 few days ago and saw it on playstation network, I can get it for £20 which is a good price imo. My concern is that will there still be lot of players online? I don’t think USF4 is gona die anytime soon because its different from SFV.

I’m also assuming if I play it on my PS4 i will get to play with people playing it from PS3 as well?

Don’t think it is cross compatible, but there’s still an active USF4 on PS4. I recently bought the game myself if that helps.

I get all the matches i want

USF4 on PS3 has about half the players of PS4 now based on personal experience. I’d recommend you play in on the PS4. Loads a lot faster plus lag doesn’t affect it as much. The ps3 version has more lag although that could be my console as it over heated last summer.

On the subject of amount of players, does anyone know which platform currently has the most players?

you wont have trouble finding a match.

Meh, an SF game that came out two years ago isn’t struggling to stay alive.

This isn’t Uniel lol. You’ll be able to find matches.

Although with SFV so close, you might as well just wait it out.

Its pretty healthy online community. I wish the same could be said about Guilty Gear Xrd. Shit is fucking dead online.

How is this game doing now that SFV is out? Just got a PS4 and I’m thinking of grabbing this on PS4 too for the hell of it…

You should. I’ve ran into a few other good players still wandering around on there. The few, the strong, the proud… the Ultra players.

I’ve just made the move from Xbox, takes longer to find a game, the laggy games are also more frequent. But it’s still not bad, I prefer it to SF5 as it is.

Also, I would think as more and more people move towards next gen consoles we might actually see a growth in player base.

yeah, you pretty much summed up my thoughts

yeah not as much as i would like but pretty much you will find people

I’m considering going back to this game from SFV. Is there still a solid European player base?