Are there obsolutely NO infinite combos, however impractical?

Like, does 3S have something like a dizzy corner juggle infinite with a series of jabs that require that you start the jab on the exact 1/60th of a second that you’ll only ever see in combo videos? Anything like that?

i hate it when people post these stupid useless combo videos on youtube that nobody ever even performed in a real match.

affects you that much?

hed asplode

There’s also information on the 3s juggle system in the stickied system mechanics thread. The short answer to your question is no, because jabs in stun juggles obey the third strike 6 point juggle limit. Pretty sure the jab counts as one point.

none of those vids are infinites. those are 100% combos

Wow It’s like I’m reading youtube comments.

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What, you don’t like competition?

There’s another “infinite” I can think of…

Ibuki vs Gill with full meter

If Ibuki kills Gill just right and gill dies, she can use the taunt to hop him infinitely before resurrection starts. i saw this in a combo video.

obviously impractical, useless, but sort of interesting

edit: now that i think about it, it may have been in a system mechanics video… but im pretty sure its not.

there are no real infinites in 3s


The only real infinite is you shutting the fuck up forever but no one has been able to pull it off without system direction changes so I guess it won’t happen… sad


Dude, I hope this hostility isn’t directed at ME just for asking a question.

They’re not even that because the training-dummy doesn’t start off with 100% of his stamina.

I think Gill has one.

Surely you could’ve been more prepared.

i recall the ibuki vs gill one being an inf

Haha! Found it.



Lol, 4 buffered tackles.

Also doesn’t gill have a one move infinite? Anti air DP motion clothesline attack as many times as necessary? >.>

Believe this is a re-stun combo. Launch with crouch fierce, spam that clothesline until stunned.