Are there different timings for vega's moves?

I don’t get it. I try to link his close Mid punch with the rolling attack, it links 30% of the time. I link it 100% with guile and it’s the same movement. Same goes for all his other moves. It’s like they just come out whenever they want to.

Is the charge time differnet for vega? Does he need to charge more? I can do it plainly but not even in the simpilest combo.
I don’t know why it’s so random. I been playing charge characters for years and never had this problem…

Doesn’t the rolling attack cancels the mid punch? Not linked?

The close HP is 2 hits. I am suppose to cancel after the first and go into rolling attack. But that only comes out 30% of the time… Now I am using guile… I was successful everytime. Now I think Vega’s got a differnet charge time…

I don’t think Vega has a different charge time

FBA, ST and SHC(?) charge faster than RCF, while RCF is standard charge character timing, iirc. Maybe you’re trying to cancel into RCF too quickly/not charging for long enough?

for god sake dude,its your execution.
isnt it enough you asked the same question on gamefaqs?

LOL! I didn’t think gamefaqs had the player calibur to know what I am talking about. They don’t even have a Vega faq.

I think I MAY be canceling too fast. But I am doing the same with blanka and guile. I am getting it out 100% of the time. I guess I’ll have to time it differently, this is just stupid…

I use guile, I thought vega’s charges would be similar… Oh well.

the same people who post here also post there.its just that vega having his own page allows us to talk about the character specific details over here better.

and btw your so called high calibur question is probably the most basic question that you can ever ask regarding the said character.its your on it.

TC u fail. No offence.

I don’t so much think it’s a different charge time. But more on the input aswell. I noticed some characters are very finicky about their inputs whereas others aren’t.
For example, with Bison (Dictator), I was getting really irritated with seemingly inputting his ultra correctly, but getting teleport instead. I went onto training mode and did a comparison of inputs of when I get teleport and when I get ultra.
The result, was that I have leniency in that I can charge down-back. But the end result cannot be down-forward, it must be directly forward at the end of the direction input. Otherwise I got the teleport.
Chun Li and Balrog however seemed to have leniency in that you could end on the down-forward marker and it would still come out.

It could be that some of Vega’s input (like his RCF, I can never do it amazingly consistent, but I chalk that up to my own failures because I have problems with Psycho crusher with Bison). has this same effect, but I wouldn’t count on it, since he appears to have leniency for his FBA, SHC and ST.

Not sure if half that post helped on anything XD

Does vega’s super link to his lk-> ST? I know lk.ST then ex.ST links… While they are still in the air, I wonder if I can do the super after the first…

You can combo Claw’s super near the wall after a hk.ST actually, but only the triple claw strike hits and it does pitiful damage. Hard to do and not worth the meter.

Is there a way to link his Ultra to anything? I am guessing the best time to do it is when opponent is in the air…

Situational links, really. FA lvl 2/3, traded EX FBA and character-specific CH link. Just forget about combos into ultra with Vega.

I don’t get it. 2/3 meter. Ex FBA? CH? I am confused. Except for the last part… I guess his ultra’s pretty useless… lol

CH - Cosmic heel (His Down-forward heavy kick)
2/3 meter, generally the amount of bars you use.
FA level 2/3 - The focus attacks that crumple when they hit
EX FBA - EX flying barcelona attack, the one where he first hits through them so they get catapulted into the air.

But like View619 said, don’t bother with it, you can use his meter elsewhere and his ultra is pretty situational as to whether it’ll hit.