Are there any hackable ps2 pads

Other than the Street Fighter AE pads are there, any good PS2 pads the hack. Also are any old PS one pads compatiable with a ps3 converter, cause i just brought a few old pads off of ebay…non DS pads. :sweat:

the pelican converter does work with ps pads

Good cause i tried put a t5 pcb in a modded redoctane stick…but ever since i added the wires to the pcb, i been having button problems. I guess its since for both those sticks, i have the pcb sittin to close to the buttons.

All Sony brand Ps2 pads are hackable. Just the soldering points are tiny and really not worth it if you dont have a good iron and solder expierence. If you think you can handle it, I can give you the pin outs of the controller.

Yea, id like that…cause i need to hurry and a pcb mount in a stick asap. So i can get back to playin.

What series PS2 controller are you hacking?

:sweat: I got two, im not quite sure…the orignal black one and a blue one…All i know are that they are sony brand pads.

look at the back under the made in china part

theres a letter ;p

Oh, well i would but im at work and wont be home til 12. What series is the one that come with the Ps2, well its one of them. I dont know. Maybe ill run over to gamestop and pick up a pad if they still got any good ones.

Ok so i like brought one of those gamestop ps pads…please tell me their easy to hack.

they should be, usually the cheaper the easier it is to take apart and solder together.

To bad i fucked up and got a wireless one. now i need to know is there a safe way to add a cord to that cause its to late and no way i can go get my money back. :wasted:

Have you successfully hacked an official PS2 pad? I’ve yet to see one of those working in a hack.

Same here…I would love to see a pic of a hacked ps2 pad

No sir.

Ight well i finally checked my pad and its a A series ps2 dualshock…can i get any help with that

If your A-series has the ribbon connector thing you can do the Spiffy Shoes solderless hack on it.

spiffys solderless hack doesnt work on ps2 pads because of…something…and currents or something, if it does i got like 3 ps2 pads i’d crack open right now. anywho have fun im more then interested in seeing this done.

Oh whoops I didn’t notice the PS2 part.

Dude, the pcb you gave me with that stick was like dying on me badly… sigh And it looked so neat on the inside.

Still good doing business with you.:slight_smile: