Are the TVs at either Caesars or Imperial acceptable for fighting game play?

I’ll have a console in tow with me for casual play in the rooms, but I was wondering if the TVs accept outside input and how bad the lag might be. Is it advisable to pack an Asus monitor of my own on a plane trip?

Id like to know this too. I will be staying at Imperial but some friends are staying at Ceasers. Would be nice to know if the back inputs on the tv are blocked off or even have the input for consoles.

I can’t speak for Caesars or Imperial specifically, but it is very rare to find hotel TVs with any sort of open inputs these days, let alone ones which don’t lag. Pack your monitor.

Try to remember what Geese Pants did last time at the RIo to have the tv input unlocked and you’ll have your answer.

According to Caesar’s, my room in Octavius Tower is good to go for hooking up consoles. No telling on response time but I’ve verified I can hook up my own console on multiple occasions.

It is also my experience that most Hotel TV’s in Vegas are locked with some device somehow from the back.

If push comes to shove, some of you can pay to play Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64 with their whack ass, broken N64 pads that have been there since 1997.

That’s most hotel TVs in general, not just Vegas hotels. I’ve had three different customer service people confirm to me that the TVs in Octavius Tower are not locked down in any way and that I can hook up my own console. Guessing it’s just part of being a brand new tower.

I was told by Ceasar’s customer service that it should be easy to hook up your video game console or dvd player in my room but that if I find it difficult for some reason or another that they would send someone up to do it for me.

Anyone know what the TV situation is at imperial palace?

In previous years, EVO hotels are notified that players want to do this and are usually prepared. Most TVs are locked, but you can ask the front desk to unlock it for you temporarily. This was done before at Caesar’s and Rio. I don’t know about Imperial Palace.

Last time I stayed in Imperial Palace (Evo2k10), we couldn’t hook up our PS3 to the TVs there… This time we’re bringing our own monitor. I don’t know if anything has changed since then… Probably not.

I’ve stayed at Caesor’s (and many other hotels), and I wouldn’t recommend counting on their TVs. If you can bring an ASUS monitor, that would be a great idea.

I assume the TVs at Caesar’s are laggy flatscreens of some sort (LCD? I don’t even know the different types to be honest). I think it’s CRT or bust for my friends and me, so if anyone knows the specifics, that’d be great. I might just call them.

I’d like to know as well for imperial since this will be my first experience for evo im hoping theirs no issues at all for the tv issue their, but ill take it with a grain of salt.

Stayed at imperial during my 1st evo 2010, needless to say i wont be going back, TV’s suck, hotel is ghetto and service sucks… bring your own monitors tho!

i just picked up an asus “evo” monitor at fry’s on sale…hopefully the tv’s at ceasar’s are within the 2-8ms range because im bringing my ps3 and 360 and don’t want to be stuck with just 1 setup…i found out last minute the tv i originally planned on bringing has 10ms rt…so glad i checked before leaving it wouldve been bad

I just checked into my palace tower suite…we have a sony lcd but theres no HDMI input…only the usual stuff but theres DVI and pc input so bring a converter. im ok with composite for the PS3. got my xbox hooked up to the asus :slight_smile:

check out pix here:

Imperial Palace TVs blow…they are using a gamecube controller as a remote.

my room got this sony lcd tv:

and this:

i dont know if they are workig, but today after i get my badge i will make a quick trip to the local best buy and see if i can get some casuals running

i got a system and some pads and a stick im super down for matches of ae 420 as well