Are safe-jumps dead? (USF4)

I’ve heard a lot about Ryu’s main safe jump: cr.HK > j. HK, but all of that was referring to AE. I’ve practiced it in training mode and I was finally able to apply it in a match, but sometimes I land before the opponent wakes up. I thought if anything, the only thing that could happen is you jump in too late and the opponent can do a 4f or 5f reversal.

So, are safe jumps pointless in Ultra? Was it just an AE/Vanilla thing?

Welcome to Capcom’s brilliant decision to include delayed wake up as a mechanic in SFIV. Safe jumps aren’t pointless and exist outside of SFIV, but now you have to build in the possibility of people using delayed wake up. Explanation of the mechanic here.


Much rather have delayed wakeup than flowchart fighter 4.

Even if you land before they wake up, you can still react to whatever they do as a reversal. If you’re eating DPs after they DWU your safe jump, then stop pressing buttons after it and block.

the sad thing is that you need press something to be also safe to the online 50/50 wake up reversal or throw

I’m sure you’re right that it is an improvement over previous iterations of the game. I’ll also confess I haven’t even bothered with Ultra since none of the changes were a draw for me, except maybe the FADC -5 on block and a couple character changes.

Anyway, on topic. Listen to what d3v said.

Thanks all. I like what d3v said. I just wasn’t thinking in that manner since safe jumps are still a new concept to me.

To be honest it doesn’t stop the flowchart from characters like cammy or ibuki, but hurts characters who didn’t have much else. Overally pretty bad.

You have to be really careful when using traditional safejumps in USFIV. More often than not it’s better to just let the opponent wake up normally.

  • DWU can make you cross-up in situations where you would have landed in front. This can be very bad if it happens to make you land in the corner.
  • Your grounded meaty needs to be active on the 11th frame to cater for DWU. Any sooner and you’re susceptible to wakeup throw or abare.
  • Wakeup throws are beaten by meaties, but meaties lose to reversals
  • If you land into nothing you are susceptible to abare pokes which put you into a mixup situation
  • Backdashing means that by the time many characters’ reversals activate your invincbility would have run out, so you’ll get hit anyway.

Still flowchart, depending on the character.

People get blown up after DWU because they either try going low, or throw.