Are posts analysizg a particular SRK user's post okay?

I was going to have a discussion about on particular active community member. If you look up my history and analyze cross commentary, you probably guess who I’m talking about. He a person another random SNKer said was a bully.

I don’t know his heart, but based on previous comments, if I want to be good-hearted, and I assume he is based in the fact I’ve been frequently says APPARENTLY mean things, almost universally from the day he first saw my posts, and is not kicked off by higher uos, and okvpkne others say he’s just that way, I think it’s his persona because he might be SRKs self appointed Colmes to my Hannity: professional enemy, personal friend.

He’s the obstacle course that must be navigated to make sure it’s a legitamate, well thought out complaint, and not just trolling, stirring the pot or comedy. If you propose a problem, he argues for the status quo, whatever it is.

Most time he writes against me in an hour. The closest he came to a complement was throwing in tangential issues and say something bad.

On a joystick review pAge, I suggested a Street Fighter15 is one of the best “off the shelf” models than can be modded sinisterly. (opposite hand). He just said no one’s looking for such a mod. But he was silent on the issue if this is the easiest to sinister mod PS2 stick, with adapters to make it work with DC, SS, Xbox, GameCube, WII CLASSIC, Xbox 369, PS3 and Xbox One. No I said " but if one were, this would be the best one right?

Response : (crickets chirping)

If he can’t argue with you, he apparently had nothing to say, then corrects you in an obscure point that doesn’t shift the argument, but eilend8ng himbwind the argument.

And if he does that to sniff out trouble, and defend the status quo, he does a pretty good job. I would like to compile all my sinister be stick arguments,xand post a link on my list on

Even Don Rickles apologized to everyone once at the start, saying nothing personal that’s just his schtick. and individually helping particularly troubled victims of his insults at the end.

If these are thmost entertaining debates, I’d like to show a link for a catalog for my we be site. That plus Zophar321"s okay be to the story that portalraya him as a hard mountain to summit and my stick helps, not a poor gamer.

Of course, he can out himself, (assuming my subject is a he, knowing males in reality can have female avatars and vice versa.).

I thank him, because good ideas are like Timex Watches, they take a licking" and keep on tickin’. Thanks for abusing/ strength testing my ideas.

In debate classes, you learn to be a “professional advocate”.meaning you argue against the side you really believe is the truth, just to see the truth in the other side. It the limitations to your argument.

When you drive a car, do don’t floor it and keep going straight. You have to turn left sometimes. ,and right other tines,. Something’s, the risk of overcompensating is worse thelan the original danger, other times it’s not. And one human has to be at the wheel making choices. The Congress writes the rules of the road. The president is in the USA’s driver’s seat.v and the Judges are the shotgun parent listening to the kids and the driver.


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You can do whatever you want, but if you’re answering your own question in your own post by doing it anyway, then don’t you think it’s just an internal conversation you’re overthinking because someone is expressing otherwise unusual behaviour to you?

Dude, stop making these novella threads. Nobody wants to read all that. You didn’t even respond in the last thread you made rambling on about shit.

Concise your question down to under a paragraph and try again.

Actually, I thought I was being short. .)

This is the type of guy that actually reads the terms and agreements in its entirety. Like MARTIAN said, if you’re going to type up a wall of text, the least you can do is get to the damn point in as few words as possible.

And he still replied without clarifying what the fuck he even wants.

Truly amazing.