Are people actually hyped about the Killer Instinct reboot?

I mean don’t get me wrong I love the original and played the shit out of it, but I can’t seem to be able to give a single fuck about this game.

  1. It’s on a console I will not buy, neither do I know anyone in my circle of friends who plans to buy one (lol I don’t even know anyone online who is hyped for an XboxOne).
  2. It looks like a garbage chaincombo game. Might as well get the next generation Mortal Kombat, which will be multi platform and thus have a higher player base and more tournaments going if I can get arsed to get into the multi player aspect of the game (which I never do with MK games) and is guaranteed to have loads of crap to unlock for my casual interest and a fun story mode.
  3. It’s probably gonna have a really retarded pricing model. I know it’s just an assumption but I guess with how poorly the Xbox is gonna sell, they gonna try to milk people as much as possible.

So is it just me or do people actually give a fuck about KI?

I sure hope you guys don’t post in this thread.

There is no need for another thread

I don’t care AT ALL. Even back in SNES days this game took an asskickin’ from everything else. Bleh. There’s a damn dinosaur and Yoshimitsu in Tekken anyway.

I remember this pizza place had an ok cabinet of some like KI game that was ok… but this new xbox is garbage anyway. PASS.

Couldn’t you let the thread just die?
I only opened it cuz I’ve overseen the 10000 pages KI thread that’s on the first page lol.