Are developers open to Fighting game concepts

Has anybody ever submitted fighting game ideas to game developers? I’m thinking to devs like guard crush not necessarily the huge devs. If anyone had luck or feedback I’m curious to hear about it. I was thinking about submitting some concept sketches but I would probably post here first to get feedback before I would try to reach out to devs. Btw, I attached a page from the sketchbook as I will be able to draw it out no problem. Thx

In today’s world of social media, you could ask them directly.
You’re definitely a talented artist :+1:t6:

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Thanks. so far I got a neutral stance, cross and next jab for a muy thai fighter. I’m going for a SF: third strike style for inspiration

Random submissions are hard to assess. Some companies may not look at them due to legal issues.

If unsolicited material makes it into games, it can lead to lawsuits.

Your art reminds me of a german painter. Forgot his name at the moment but it has certain qualities of his.

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Egon Shiele? Someone has said that about my drawing before. I was thinking Guard Crush cause I think they would have the closest 2D style that I envision in particular since SOR4 was designed so well.

LP(close), LP, MP, MP(close), F+MP, HP, HP(close), LK(close), LK so far…

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How old are you?

I kmow there are various FGC (and former SRKers) in the game industry. You’re better off gutting them up on twitter.


old enough to be playing new arcade SF2 in highschool lol. Just having fun building a moveset right now.

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