Are Continues legal when it comes to practice?

Well, I don’t really have any cheats for my emulator to simulate Training mode so I am asking this question: Are Continues legal when you are practicing?

Because here’s the thing, I am practicing with a Level 8 Computer Brain. I know I won’t get the Bonus Bosses who is even more sadistic than what the masterminds could cook up but I am just a gamer. I am trying to memorize the moves of each character and when to block them. I am also considering the fact that I don’t have any friends to play fighting games with. Is it possible to practice with the Fighting Computer Brain?

I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
What game are you playing and what do you mean by continues and computer brains?

I am playing Hyper Street Fighter II and am referring to the AI in the games when I say Computer Brain. I am playing Arcade Mode and I hope to be at least competent when it comes to fighting.

I guess if you don’t have a training room, you could try to do it the ghetto way and just play a 2 player game alone, though that may be tedious.
You won’t learn much from fighting the AI though. It doesn’t behave like a human at all and reads your inputs. AI’s usually have a couple of cheap ways to beat them and that’s basically all you learn: How to beat up a predictable AI routine.
If you actually have human training partners it’s not a bad idea to practice the combos you have learned on an AI. I’d personally set it on the easiest difficulty, because I just want it to move and get a feel for the range on my moves and try to practice a bit combo of execution and anti-airing.

I’d suggest to play the game online. I’m pretty sure there’s an online edition of Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting for Xbox 360 if that’s an option for you and there’s an emulator based online community called “Fightcade” that has a couple of people playing SF2: HF.
It’s gonna be brutal though. Very few people still play these old-ass arcade games and even the worst players there might be a lot better than you. It’s definitely possible to catch up but it’s a long and hard road, where the biggest problem will be finding suitable training partners (in terms of skill and distance to yourself).


  1. Playing the computer doesn’t make you a good fighting game player.
  2. Play your game online on either Xbox 360 or Fightcade.
  3. Consider a newer, more popular game to make it easier to find friends and rivals (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo or even modern games like Guilty Gear Xrd or Ultra Street Fighter IV).

Practicing against the CPU usually isn’t very good practice. It may be useful for some things (hit confirms maybe), but if you want to get good at SF2, you need to play against people.

I’m pretty sure he meant Hyper SF2 and not SF2 Hyper Fighting. Hyper SF2 is actually newer than Super Turbo, but nobody plays it for the same reason nobody plays edition select competitively in SF4.