Are any PSN guys doing NCR?

NorCal Regionals is this weekend
I know djreign and eltwopee are coming through.

Let us know what you plan to play and compete in. I’ll probably do SF4 and HDR.

damn I would like to really play some peeps face to face.
Hope someone gets some match vids up.

Imma be there for sure. I went to that Active Gamers Tourney in so cal this week and the HDR tourney got canceled. Im looking forward to playing HDR at NCR.

HDR and SF4.

G-$$$ reporting for mvc2 sf4 and bb

i dont think BB will be there

I’m in for SF4, CVS2 and maybe 3S. If I have extra cash I’ll join T6 for funzies.

Hella fun tonite… Glad I got to meet you and DJ Reign finally.

Ditto man, I’m really glad you guys came out. I had a lot of myself. I didn’t realize running brackets was a lot of work… I got so caught up in it, that they DQ’ed me out of SF4. :sad: Oh well.

I made it to top 8 in HDR winner’s bracket, and will be playing in the finals on Sunday. Man… I’m a nervous wreck.

Man, you’ll do fine. Me and Eltwopee were talking last night about how much better you have gotten over the last 6 months.

And get this: I met D-G-V last night, but little did I know, I used to play him over 12 years ago on X-Band. X-BAND!!! AND him and his brother used to stay really close to me back in the day! My friend and I were talking with them for a long time after HDR was done for the day, and I gotta say he is one of the coolest guys I met yesterday. I’m gonna plan a trip down to SoCal real soon to go kick it with them, and also get my ass destroyed in HDR, but it’s all good. They trying to get me to get on XBL right now.:rofl:

Congrats man! Good luck today!

So how’d you do Vestax? I heard Choi got 1st, Valle got 2nd. Not sure about the rest. I’m guessing DGV got 3rd?

I wish I could have made it out there, especially since I live only 1 1/2 hrs away…

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NKI vs eltwopee

watch the ass kicking by the legend NKI

This is true… and all thanks to the NHC. If it weren’t for you guys, I would never know my match ups as well. Much love to the PSN guys with all my heart despite the lag and crappy connections haha :bgrin:

Top 8 were

Winners: choiboy vs dgv
vestax vs calipower
Losers bracket: richard li (1up) vs angry_eric (PSN guy)
mongolorobokop vs afrocole (Jason Cole)

On Saturday, I was running brackets and kept calling people to play HDR. SF4 was happening at the same time plus I was in Pool C and played Jason Cole first in SF4. So I was mad busy and stressed. It’s funny, me and cole went to the same high school so we spent most of the time reminiscing about the old days LOL. I used to play him and John Choi at the original Keystone. I met so many guys there, DGV, djreign, eltwopee, dj frank fresh, buktooth, nki… all very nice and humble guys. It was tough, I had to go get by some heavyhitters, NKI, buktooth, and my buddy djreign… but was able to win the matches.

It was nice meeting Jason and Orlando… I hope you guys had fun! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat with you guys.

The next day, I was pretty tired and had to face Alex Valle in the first round. I choked but I guess it’s part of the scene. I mean facing guys who’s been competing for 15 years, teach people how to play this game, or even being there when you’re a nobody, is a lot of pressure! I kept debating on whether or not I should be using rog or the fatman since I knew I was gonna get zoned out pretty bad. In the end, I just went with who I was comfortable with. I ended up 5th place overall in HDR.

BTW, did anybody record the stream? Things happen so fast that I don’t remember how I effed up so bad.

I got some casuals in with NKI the night before and his execution is crazy. I never seen anybody use Bison like that. You do not ever want to make a mistake with NKI because he’ll capitalize on it like no other. For you to get a couple of rounds off of him is dope in my book. You did good man.

Oh and here are the results for HDR

Yo djmassif…congratulations! Damn that’s a tough lineup! I wish I lived out there with you guys, I’d be all over the place like DGV (literally!)!

Yeah you and djreign need to get on XBL and you’ll really get a good workout especially for matchups that you don’t get much of opportunity to face on PSN.

NCR was fun and crazy…especially after running into you and Chris (Winner!). I can’t believe we used to play back in the day on Xband…lol small world! If you’re ever in SoCal, we definitley have to kick it. I think Shinobi or Thrust might try and host some HDR gatherings in the Bay Area in the near future. If so, we’ll definitely try to make it out and chill with you and Chris. Haha, I should have won the tourney so I could have given you the cash to buy a 360 :lol: