Arcsys hints at new 2D Fighting Game

Arcsys’s website mentions that they will release information on a new 2D fighting game on April 1st.

They only give the hint “Giga Hybrid 2D fighting game”

Take what you will out of this, but consider that it is April Fools that this information is to be released.


guilty gear

That is actually in development you know. lol

And no, it will not use old NeoGeo/Atomiswave sprites anymore.

The only line that makes me more suspicious than I would be.

??? ???

Says something like “Speaking of April 1, if you please forgive us for laughing because of a national event, you’ll be happy.”

Its gonna be “Haha April Fools its just another revision of Guilty Gear”

last time i checked japan doesn’t celebrate april fools

What Henaki said. Guess the ArcSys guys have been checking their ips logged?


Sammy Vs Capcom :sad:

whatever the hell it is, I know I will be playing the shit outta it.

It’s Hnk2!


Another super hard game?

A new fighter for the new business year - I bet it will be called Foolish Fighter.

What’s this?

that’s actually not true. people in japan pull april fools pranks, and game developers have put up bizarre information on their hp in the past as well… so i wouldn’t be surprised if this will turn out to be some kind of joke too.

we’ll just have to wait and see on 4/1.

EDIT: i just clicked on the link and looked at the site. it will be a april fool’s joke. they straight out hint it themselves. now we’ll have to see what kind of ridiculous idea it will be, lol.

Tomorow, you mean? Lol…



on april first, what will occur on the arcsystemworks official hp!?

first off, thank you for always visiting our website.

details cannot be revealed as of yet, but something will happen on the april first! hint is a new giga-hybrid 2d versus fighting game… oops, we can’t say anymore than that.

please stop by and check out the site when you have the time while surfing the net.

(*4/1 is that national day, so it would be great if you can all just laugh and forgive us about it)

This is like MvC3 all over again. :rofl: Sagat Gamma assist, fuckers. :nunchuck:

What do you bet people over at Dustloop will STILL believe this is real?

yeah phrasing it that way makes it much more obvious