Arche Blade

Hey I decided to make this thread to introduce those of you that bother reading this to a Free to Play game called Arche Blade. Some of you may have heard of it before, though it is fairly new and still in beta. This is a PC game and requires you to have Steam, then you simply dowload it.

The game currently has 12 characters though there will be a total of 14. Each character has a unique style of play, though some may seem similar. Some are ranged characters while others have to be up close to really do damage. A lot of the modes require team work to succeed and some characters work better together than others, though the players skill is also a huge factor.

Arche Blade has a tad bit of a fighting game aspect to it. While not being a fighting game itself, it does have combos, a health meter, an EX type meter and is in real time.

Arche Blade currenty has 6 game modes. Each game mode is different, though some are similar. For now the name of the map allows you to know which game mode it is you’re playing.

Map - Undersiege: This is a 3v3 mode in which you play up to a score of 30. The players continue to spawn until the score has been reached.

      Netherdale: This map is a capture mode where up to 14 players are allowed 7 per team. Both teams fight to reach a score of 2000, while the pylon is captured and is the color of your team it gradually adds points to your score board 
                         however, if it is captured by the opposing team it stops adding points for your team and can turn into the other teams color and instead add points to their score board.

      Nagas Pit: This is a free for all mode in which up to 8 players are allowed to join. Once a player reaches a score of 70 or higher the game ends.

      Steam Canal: This is a 4v4 mode, the game does not end until all the characters on one team have been defeated and the first team to win 4 rounds wins the match.

      Night Undersiege: This mode is a 3v3 consisting of 4 rounds. One team wins the round as soon as all opponents have been defeated. 

      Altar of War: This mode can be a 2v2 or a 3v3 of 4 rounds. One team defeats the other and wins.

Because this game is beta there a few things that are not in yet. The most disappointing is no friend invites. What you have to do for now is literally tell your friend which server you are in and then they have to find it for you to play together. This is especially bothersome when you want to play with more than one friend. You can make private servers and get friends to join that way but its inconvenient for when you’d just like to hop into a public server and play w/ your friend.

I personally find this game to be enjoyable and believe it has potential though it does need some work. If you are interested from what you read above I would highly encourage you to try it out. The game doesn’t require a high end gaming computer, the specs required are not very high and in the end its free to play.

If you have any questions I’ll gladly answer them, I’m not a developer or the best player out there but I have been playing this game quite a bit, I started last year and believe I know enough to go ahead and get any player started.

Here’s a link to some game play to get an idea of how the game is:

It’s too bad no one else replied to this. I feel like this game could really benefit from the constructive criticism of SRK members. It has a lot of potential, but the fighting game aspects just aren’t developed enough - there are very few branching paths to the combos, so you tend to be stuck cranking out the same canned stuff over and over, and there aren’t enough individual special moves that function separately from combos. The stun levels for a lot of attacks aren’t terribly refined, and it often seems like once you get hit once, you’re guaranteed to just get whaled on till you die cause the game keeps you stunned the whole time.

It’s too bad, because the basic premise of the game is good. We have solid 1v1 3D fighters like Soul Calibur, but almost nothing that allows for 3-4 or more combatants roaming around large areas. Archeblade is kind of picking up where Power Stone left off, except since the camera precisely follows you, you don’t have to squint to figure out where your character is, and you have have larger arenas with more elaborate goals and teamwork. Archeblade is also kind of like an MMO or Moba, without all the XP levels, auto-targetting, and psuedo-turn-based bullshit.

If Archeblade were more refined, I feel like it could serve as a blueprint for action games everywhere. When you play an action RPG, instead of having the outcome based on lame grinding, stats, and autotargeting, you could go on a co-op adventure with your friends where you use skill and teamwork to out-fight the mobs and bosses. As one or two of the maps show, there is even room for Quake-style platforming in these scheme, so it’s adaptable to a lot of genres. I’m sure people will disagree, but I’d rather the fights in Ocarina or Skyrim play out closer to Archeblade than the simplistic stuff we see in those games currently.

I don’t know if you guys feel the same, but Tiac seems low tier as fuck.

He’s constantly in frame disadvantage on block or hit. Some things are even outright punishable on hit, so the best thing u can do as Tiac is just retreat and create distance after everything on hit.
Unless, ofcourse you’re fighting against a slow ass character or you’re in a mirror match…