Arcana Heart 3.01 for BYOC

Ok, I’m trying to decide whether or not this is worth bringing. It will be kind of a hassle in terms of extra space, weight, and extra uneasiness for the weekend due to lugging around an extra $2500 in electronics.
Trying to get an idea of how many people actually would try it out for more than 5minutes.

I would honestly play it a lot :stuck_out_tongue: though I’m not sure there would be a whole lot of demand for it (then again thats what this thread is for lol).

Either way, hope to see you at Evo… Hopefully with an Arcana Heart cab :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah im not gonna lug around an extra $3000 in equip with this kind of response, sorry guys.

but seriously what the hell is Arcane Hearts 3?

oh em gee o/ i can guarantee me and king lowtier would be hitting that up all weekend

Yay, more responses :smiley:

it’s gonna be there
get bodied

I cant wait. Get hype for my scrub Konoha/Lilica

Never played Arcana Heart, but I’m down for anything. Bring it!

I love the fact that you’re bringing this and at the same time I’m frightened by this statement.

My scrubbiness knows no bounds!

someone teach me clarice and weiss within 5 minutes pls

Hah Petra and Angelia for me too please xD

how about you try to figure out your chars while I be a *** with cathy and simultaneously vuvuzela BZZZZZZZZZ in your ear? ITLL BE GREAT :blush:

It will seem like some cheesy training montage except I wont actually rage, I’m up for it xD

I’d like to sit down and learn this (only played the first one on pad lol) I’ll probably end up getting wrecked though.

weiss: 2a 5b 5c 236a xx 5d~a 5b 6c j.a j.b dj.b dj.c 623c

I think that’s the shitty bnb I can only kind of do :sad:

I’m running trains on everyone with Scharlachrot.

I like me over everyone.



Your Fiona is ass, real talk :smiley:

Either way, this game is so much fun~. So happy it’s at EVO


yo you and me both Rei. Ever since you guys did that one Xanadu on Tuesday. I’ve been fiending for AH3.