Arcadia Top 10 - April 2009

This month covers Jan. 2009 rankings.

As we all know, Tekken 6 was dethroned last month by BlazBlue due to a transitional period with Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion coming out the 18th of December and having less than 2 weeks of revenue.

January marked the first full month of Tekken 6 BR in arcades. Will BlazBlue hold on!?


  1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion / ??6 BLOODLINE REBELLION - 341.2
  2. BlazBlue / ??? - 286.3
  3. Gundam VS. / ??? ???VS.??? - 258.3
  4. Melty Blood Actress Again - 207.2
  5. Street Fighter IV - 164.7
  6. Virtua Fighter 5 R - 126.9
  7. Arcana Heart 2: Sugoi / ???2 ??? ??? - 101.4
  8. Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes - 96.3
  9. Guilty Gear XX ^Core - 87.4
  10. DeathSmiles - Mega Black Label / ??? MBL - 60.2

Well… it looks like Tekken will go on another 1 year + streak without getting dethroned…

Only chance (slight) will be when KOFXII hits arcades. But based on how KOF XI was received, I wouldn’t bet on it.

What gundam game is that?

overall, the top 10 is pretty cool except for the absence of fate unlimited codes imo.

Weee MBAA~

What’s shocking is how TVC is doing better than GGAC. People hungry for dat SBO tourney. :shy:

WTF there’s a shmup on there?

youtubes Deathsmiles

Games look freakin badass. lol… how could you not play this game high?

Understandable GGAC doing high up there (SBO), but MBAA that high? Especially higher than SF4? That’s a bit unbelievable.

whatever happened to the kof series

98um isn’t at SBO, 2k2um isn’t arcade, 12 isn’t out, 11 is a joke. I think that’s pretty much it.


this thread


Oh yeah, totally forgot, Everyone and their fucking nasu-verse attraction. OMG IT’S TURKEYHANDLE.

What do the numbers listed next to name represent?

Quit hating on XI you pedo :razz:

The position of GGAC doesn’t surprise me tough:
A lot of gamers see Blazblue as a new GG.
In gamers’ mind is like having Tekken 6 and Tekken 5 in the same arcade IMO.

To me it feels more like having 3s and SF4 in the same arcade.

No… More like having Vampire Savior and MvC2 in the same arcade.

or Alpha 3 and MSHvsSF in the same arcade.

The list makes sense to me.

T6BR and BB will probably be the most popular games for a while until a new Gundam game comes out. S!AH2 will probably move up a spot or two in the next ranking since a new patch was released last week and more people are playing again.

And then… who’s in your opinion MvC2 between BB and GG??

I cannot say for sure since here in Europr we don’t have BB in the arcades.

wow, sf4 aint doing all that well. fuckers should have stayed 2d, yeah i played it. its nice, but thats all. boring ass characters and dead ass game. i like hos BB is like second place way above the rest when its 2d. hits gives me good hopes for kof12. why? the older kofs like 97 and 98 always stood firm on the 1st or second place at japanese arcades. with finally a true good kof coming this year (fuck every kof after 98, yeah i said it) i think it will be in the top 3 spot in jpn arcades. mark my words. it probably could have been even better if the game was an actual complete game with endings and a bos and story and such.

Huh. With all the hype over here I just sort of assumed that SF4 would be at the top of their list.

Can’t believe how strongly T6 has been holding on. I remember people saying it blew up over there but I didn’t realize they meant on that level.