I was wondering if anyone in have bought an arcade fighting stick from, I place an order but I am having trouble communicating with them. it takes them a really very very long time to respond to my emails, I had sent a few emails about the order that I place and they still havent sent me a response, I don’t even know if the site is legit or not. And if anyone knows about this site and have a phone number which I could call them at I would gladly appreciated. thanks

a while ago i was interested in pre-ordering the hrap3 from them and had a few questions and emailed them from their site. i got a really quick reply and even replied a few times, their communication was excellent with me.

here’s their email if that helps:

arcadeshock is definitely legit…i bought a HRAP 2 from them long time ago…i actually got to pick it up since i live close by them.