Arcades with octo and square gates?

I’m going to be starting a stick of my own here in a few months and it will be my first. I haven’t really had much experience playing with sticks, but I know that there is a huge advantage when you get used to playing with them. Anyway, my question isn’t really what your favorite is or which one is better, because I know everyone has different play styles and preferences, but rather if anyone knew what current arcade fighting machines used? Like if I walk in an arcade and hop on a Street Fighter machine (depending on the version of course) what gate can I expect to be using? Also what about games like Tekken or Soul Calibur? I want to go out and spend a few bucks trying out some machines to see which gate feels best to me so I can make the right choice for me when the time comes.

mainly square gate.

but honestly, an octogate is only $5 and it takes no time to swap them around. i’d say get one and test it yourself.
in the end, its YOUR preference and YOUR playstyle.

All arcades that have SF4 in it have a Square Gate well most likely since its the most common gate to have with sf4. As for those other games, honestly I’m not sure but I’d probably guess square as well… Circle and Octagon gates seem to be more a choice type thing that people decide to switch in. I personally use standard square gate because that’s what came in my TE stick, but also I’ve just kinda got use to it and rather like it. Really once you get really comfortable with your stick you won’t even notice the gate because you almost never ride it… Plus I play chun li and having a square gate for charge chars is the best thing you can do since its easier to slide back and forth when needed…

If it is an older game you can expect a happ or worse setup, especially at an arcade where they got games from 10 years back. Most of the new cabs like tekken 6 or SFIV usually have Japanese square gate sticks. The last time I saw a Soul Calubur 2 or Tekken 5 machine it had an Happ/IL comp.