Arcades near UCR?

i’m might be attending uc riverside come fall and was wondering if there were any good arcades for 3s or sf4 near the campus. also if there are, how’s the competition?

why u leaving SFV for rside? place is so wack, probably only arcade machines they have are at edwards theatre.

Riverside 3S died a couple of years ago. You’re better off going to Arcade Infinity or Vid94 for comp instead.

Technically the closest machine would be James Games lol


and its about 35-40 mins from rside in upland.

at that point you might as well travel another 15 mins and get to AI/Vid.

however, there seem to be a few localk meetups in the area and i might be starting up my own soon; and im in moreno valley, about 5-10 mins from ucr.

This year was my first year at UCR too. You missed a fun year, the marvel machine was free due to a slight oversight from the repairmen. as for 3S, there were these two really good asian dudes that came during the 1st quarter, but I never seen them again.

latitude 55 has a sfiv 360 set up, but you have to bring your own stick. if you bring a car, you can go to james games or AI (James Games if you’re a beginner, AI if you’re intermediate-advance).

i go to ucr. well i just graduated. pm me if any of you guys wanna sfiv this summer. i live near campus.

I’m going to attend UCR this fall as well.

If you guys want to set up anything sf4 related I’m down. :smiley:

hit me up,

would be glad to set a small tourney at my apartment next fall.

ha wow haven’t checked up on this thread but it seems like some people are down to meetup come fall, seems like i won’t have to completely give it up haha so thats cool, maybe we can set up a carpool for a weekly trip to AI

check out my thread :smiley:

haha is there a link?

edit: ha nvm at the top of the forum

young coke will be there for the title