Arcades in Tokyo

I’m sorry if this has been asked a million times before, but I had a hard time finding the information elsewhere. I was wondering if anyone knew which arcades where the most attractive picks to visit while in Tokyo? I found some videos with directions and such, but they were all quite old. I figured the hotspots were bound to change with new releases, so something from a year ago might not be that accurate.

I play mainly SSFIV:AE and will play SFxT (once it ships here in EU). We’ll be staying in Shinjuku while in Tokyo.

Last time I was there the Taito Station near Shinjuku station (I think east exit?) was a good AE spot.

In either case, you should check the Tokyo thread in regional subforum. There’s probably the big spots listed on the front page of the thread.

You might get better answers in the Japan thread.

Ah, thanks. I’ll post there instead then :slight_smile:

The busiest is “HEY!” arcade in Akihabara. The 10-12 machines there are usually always in use (especially on weekends) and there are usually spectators floating around watching the games. Get to Akihabara via the JR Yamanote line, take the “Electric Town” exit, you’ll notice a heap of arcades across the road (Club SEGA, Taito) but keep walking along until you find the much smaller entrance to “HEY!” arcade. Alternatively, PM me when you get here and we’ll meet up. We’ll play some street fighter and then go get drunk at a maid cafe (for real).

Thanks for the offer, but I got a tip of an arcade really close to our hotel in Shinjuku, so I think that one will be the pick :slight_smile: We won’t be spending much time in Tokyo, so something just a couple of minutes away that was supposed to be nice sounds good to me ^^