Arcade version training mode?

Is there any way to put the arcade version of ST in training mode or at least something similar to that?

I want to practice my execution in ST since the inputs are much more strict in comparison to SF IV.

Training mode of classic mode in HDR.

Training mode of PS1 ST or PS2 AE.

Or just press start on the 2P side of your ROM/Arcade machine or whatever and play against a dead 2P.

save state and/or cheats with the emulator also works.

Awesome, thanks! Now i can finally practice freely.

If you just want to practice your execution, you should consider playing MVC2, after you learn some advanced combos your hands will become lightning fast.
…worked for me at least.

use emulator
tip n.1: as said above save status/load status, give the “save status” and “load status” at 2 bottons on joystick that u dont use. To do this use “jotokey” free software.
tip n.2: to practice combat strings where the opponent should block your attack use a small weight to push on the directional arrows on the keyboard (before assign the directional arrows to move the opponent controlled by the cpu).

This is how i do, and then of course there is the training mode for the ps2’s hyper and also for the dreamcast’s super turbo, even if this one is a little bit complicated.

any1 ever try cheatengine?

ST arcade training mode

Here’s my ST training setup, using various tools : autohotkey + joy2key + mame cheat

Here’s a video of a training session (walking DP)


My joystick has 8 buttons so I mapped the top right most button to F6 (toggle mame cheat) and the bottom right most button to trigger a autohotkey script that controls player 2.

you’ll need to download these

Older version of mame that does not use rawinput (so that joy2key and autohotkey can work with mame)

autohotkey for training scripts

joy2key for mapping your joystick/pad to mame keyboard input

mame cheat (cheat.dat , put it in the same directory you unzipped mame)

sample autohotkey script (unzip to any directory. just double click the script to run)

Detail setup procedure:

You need ST rom (USA 940323). You obviously already own the original arcade board. Just google to find the rom files.

unzip mame and mameui to the same directory, copy cheat.dat to the same directory. copy your ST rom to the ROMS directory within mame

run mameui, select ST and double click

when you’re in the game, hit “tab” and go to menu

set the P2 buttons to something easier to remember when you write the script.

I map them to left, right, up, down arrow for directional input, and numpad1-6 for punches and kicks
(if you map to something different than what I use, edit the commom.ahk as mentioned below to match your key mapping)

Now map p1 buttons to whatever you want.

unzip joy2key and double click to run

configure the button mappings to your pad/stick to match what you set for p1 in mame. also map a unused button to f6 to toggle mame cheat

if you are using one of those newer stick, click on the “other” tab and check “Use POV switches”.

restart mame and verify that you can now play with your pad/stick using joy2key

install autohotkey, unzip the sample script files to my documents or whatever.

common.ahk contains some routine that you can call to make your own scripts

Here’s what I have in right-to-left-jump-hk.ahk

#include common.ahk

left_jump_attack(roundhouse, 400)
sleep 200

joy9 is my bottom right most key on the stick. what this means is that when you trigger that button, it will simulate p2 to jump from the left, execute a roundhouse after 400ms in the air. then hold block for 1 second, wait 200ms and then jump to the right again

so now you’re ready.

start joy2key, mame, double click on the script
in mame, hit “tab” and select cheats for unlimited life p1 & p2.

start the game with 1p&2p and select whatever char you want.

hit your top right most button should trigger p2 to jump and attack you.
do DP or whatever.

whenever p1 or p2 life is close to 0, hit your bottom right most button to trigger the cheat, hit it again to turn it off.

rinse and repeat.

let me know if you have any questions

if you do use this and or other variations, please share your training methods / scripts!

Wow papasi, thats quite alot of work there but thanks i needed a training hack for arcade and this seems good.

Yea papasi thanks for posting the setup man. That is one legit training mode!!

I was just wondering though, why doesn’t autohotkey work with newer mame versions? Cause from what i’ve read, rawinput was implemented in the very version you posted, v.117. Wouldn’t that eliminate the need for joy2key and make things easier?

I download the same version from the official mame site, and it’s already using rawinput so autohotkey doesn’t work.

That is the last version of mame that I found that doesn’t use rawinput, I’m not sure if the version number really match, but it works.

Yes, I believe you can eliminate joy2key if you go to mameui and change the default setting to enable joystock support.

Then in mame, configure p1 to use your joystick buttons, and also map one of the button to toggle cheat (default is f6). I haven’t tested this though since joy2key is working fine for me.

Actually, I believe a better alternative is to use an emulator that doesn’t have input lag like the various favors of fb, fba, nfba, etc. (This is an older version of mame, so I assume it has 2 frames of input lag, but I don’t know how to verify).

But it has to support standard keyboard event so autohotkey will work, and also support cheat and a configurable hotkey for toggle cheat on/off (without this, its way too cumbersome to use as a training mode as you need to fiddle with your mouse & keyboard to regain life).

I haven’t had time to investigate if any of those fba variations will meet these criteria. So if anyone have done the research, please share with us.

Hmmm i’ll look into the fb emulators and see if any matches the criteria

Autohotkey + joy2key + mame cheat is probably still the best training mode available!!! Tried the training mode in pyqtggpo as well but these training scripts are priceless