Arcade UFO Teamn Tournament Results! (Feb 20th)

Results are in!

Street Fighter 4 (out of 33 Teams)
1st - Team Cheetos (Jan/Viet) (Atx/Hou)
2nd - Team ilovepozer (Blueshirt/Haseeb) (ATX)
3rd - Team Random (JDR./JerryTooBad) (ATX)

Full Bracket -

BlazBlue CS (out of 8 teams)
1st - Team Get It Gurl ( Kensou / Kid Viper )
2nd - PozerWolf / Markus
3rd - Jan / Slayer Alex

  • Sorry, I forget everyone’s team name :frowning:

Arcana Heart 3 (out of 8 people)
1st - PozerWolf
2nd - Kenneth
3rd - Ben

Gundam vs Gundam NEXT (out of 11 teams)
1st - Kenneth / Joel
2nd - George / Mas
3rd - PozerWolf / Markus

  • Sorry, I forget everyone’s team name, again…

Someone hook me up with top 3 results for SF4?
Mainly because… I don’t know how to spell there names, lol :frowning:

Full results will be posted soon.

Otherwise, what a great tournament!
So much hype for Street Fighter 4, and the usual hype for Gundam, lol.
Great games everyone, it was no doubt a lot of fun. Next tournament will be announced soon, because it sounds like everyone wants more, haha :wink:

Alex / Haseeb (?)
Jesse / Jerry

Kenneth / Joel
George / Mas

Good turnout, tournament was fun times. Next one is gonna be sick.

man this tourney was hype, it was the first time i been to arcade ufo. i hope there will be another before ssfv4 comes out
p.s. gg to everybody dallas,houston,austin,san antonio people

Good turn out, Dallas and Austin were very impressive. Houston we have a problem ;[

Got to thank Viet for covering my back and Ryan for hosting another great tournament. Sucks I got sick at the end though.

Shout outs to Pozer aka the new Jake Green for teaching everyone how to NOT uppercut… ;p
Kensou and Viper deserved their win…

Let’s go haseeb!

Fun as always, see you guys next time.

Nice to see everyone from Texas again, good times with the hype. Arthur for MVP, truly the softest hands in Texas.

haha, I got that Houston on represent. Hella fun tournament, even the night before. So much Hype on this one, GG to everyone I played. I was suprised at how fast I lost my quarters to games that weren’t SF4 or 3rd strike, hahah.

Team DICKBUTT for life.

2nd - Blueshirt / Haseeb (Austin)*
3rd - JDR. / Jerrytoobad (Austin)*

Man it sucks that Paul and I had to run into Jan and Viet twice, took us to the losers and then eliminated us. :sad:
Good shit dudes :tup: Austin and DTX are moving on up even more :wink:

had lots of fun yesterday wish l would have made it far good shit to dallas and austin too we coming for you guys next time you can bet that ggs to all .

really good times at the tournament, it was nice to see everyone again and ggs all around :wink:
man, that gundam game looked pretty fun…

Thanks to Haseeb for being my teammate, and UFO for throwing a great event as usual. Thanks to Ryan for the stream and the vids.

GG’s to everyone I played in casuals/tournament, it was really a nice experience to play against you guys.

Good games to everyone this weekend. Can’t wait for the next UFO event! :bgrin:

Also, I have some vids uploading on youtube at the moment but it’s mostly Team Low Tier vs whoever we played and I’ve got the matchup between Team White Guys (Arthur/Tony) DTX and Team Husslin’ Everyday (Jonlo/Fubarduck) Austin. I’ll post a link when they’re all up.

Edit: Don’t forget about 4th: Team Low Tier - Sinister X (Dhalsim), mexiwont (El Fuerte) :bgrin:

GGs everyone, had a lot of fun playing you guys this weekend. I was just trying to do my part Jan :tup:, I know you weren’t feeling too well, thanks for making it out man, we should definitely team up more often. Good stuff Dallas, you guys bring the hype!

Glad everyone enjoyed the event.
Hopefully I can figure out a good date for the next one, let’s see what we can do! We need to throw one out after Final Round.
Until then…

First time for everything, eh? lol.
My Ragna is still a bit weak, but in a month I should be there I need to be with that character.
In that case, this won’t happen again, lol ;p

Just messing with you partner, I’m sure you’ll be ready by the time quals come around. I’ll try to make it back out there at some point to play with all of you guys.

It was good seeing everybody again, it was a lot of fun. After watching Melty Blood being played I really would like to get into that game. Also thanks to Sinister for the tips with Boxer and loving my Catlevania shirt. Xp


Hell yea, I’ve been hype about that one sense I left the building during last year’s. I hope it’s at the exact same spot, too.