Arcade UFO - Austin, TX - SF4 Ranbat Season 1.0 - Sun 11/15

RESULTS Thread can be found here:

Ladies and gentlemen . . . here we go. Arcade UFO’s Ranbat Season 1 will consist of SF4 as the main game, and take place every other Sunday (pending scheduling) over the course of 6 tournaments.

Promo Flyer:

Each event will have one SIDE TOURNAMENT to be announced in advance. The side tournament game will be different each time, and entry is completely optional. The side tournament will not affect your point standing.

Single Elimination

Why Single Elimination? We are doing Single Elimination for these events for several reasons: the frequency of the events, the cheap entry fee, and to keep the time-commitment low for everyone. This will keep the matches exciting and you won’t have to stay up too late to experience the whole thing!

Top 8

If you make it to Top 8, the bracket will be reset and become a standard 2/3 Double Elimination format. This is so we can get accurate point standings!

SF4 - Signups at 6PM
Single Elimination
Top 8 is Double Elimination
Top 4 or Top 8 will be recorded/uploaded
Arcade version only
$2 Entry (to arcade).
Registration Deadline: 6:45PM
Tournament Starts: 7PM

Next Side Tournament: ???
Single Elimination
$1 Entry
Signups Begin: TBA
Registration Deadline: TBA
Tournament Starts: TBA



Prizes! These are the prizes that will be awarded upon the conclusion of the series.

Get hype for AMERICA! :looney:

Sweet, glad to see it’s starting next Sunday now, gives me a lot more time to practice :karate:

I should HOPEFULLY make it to all of these, and maybe actually win one or two games throughout the whole series :rofl:

Thanks for doing this :tup:

There is a god and its arcade ufo! :hitit:

Top 8 is double elimination right?

I’ll be there, full on oro and fuerte mode.:wgrin:

Imma have a lot of fun this sunday

11/15 is next week’s Sunday but feel free to come this Sunday too :o)

There might be a surprise!

I am so tempted to go this Sunday now

Are you going to invite a bad ass top player??

This. co-signed. I cannot wait to get this started!. It’s perfect with my job too.

I’m going to try to be there this Sunday for sure. You’ve piqued my curiosity.

I’m all in for this. Prepare for the worst rog in the tri-state area.

Im there :wink:

i will try to go to one of these ranbat tourney
p.s. i think u got one of the date wrong, i think it should be 1/17/2010 instead 2012

I’m Definitely going to this…
So how much is SF4??
2 Dollars??

Here’s the RESULTS thread. Updated the OP as well:

omg, this is so awesome, so glad I made the first one, almost missed it. can’t wait for the next one!

Ranbat 1.1 Videos!!!

Here are some of the videos from the ranbat. Me and Spin have had so many issues getting these uploaded (which is why they are so randomly ordered), hopefully we’ll get the rest up soon. Once again, I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll keep you guys updated each time we get more videos up.

any word on more vids?

We’re returning to our regularly scheduled season THIS SUNDAY!

Hope you guys aren’t rusty . . .