Arcade Template Help

Sup, I recently finally started my home arcade with a SF2 machine :woot:. I’m working on getting some sort of 4 player cabinet built for a MAME/Jamma/Console setup to go with it. I’ve got a couple questions though. I’m completely new to Jamma and know NOTHING. Just a little bit bout suicide boards etc.

  1. Is SSF2T a straight board swap? I’d like to upgrade my SF2 machine to run SSF2T, but I need to find it at a good price, and I wasn’t sure if it was still on the same hardware at that point. I’ve got the OG SF2 WW right now. I can take pictures if need be of the interior.

  2. Its an OLD cabinet, I plan on redoing the sticks/buttons sometime in the future, and doing some clean up on it, is there anything I should be concerned with in terms of the old power supply verse newer boards?

  3. With the cabinet I’d like to build the Mame one, I’m looking for a particular setup, but I’m not sure if a template has been made that I can use to get the proper dimensions. Being tall, my ‘perception’ is a little off for heights and widths. I want a setup that looks like this ( ) but is 4 players. I was thinking of building two separate ‘stick stands’ for lack of a better term, with just the audio/video wires going to the screen. If anyone has prints/dimensions/howtos for any of this work it would be greatly appreciated.

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The SF2WW board is a CPS1 game while SSF2T is a CPS2 game. It is almost a straight swap, but you’re going to have to get a CPS2 kick harness to hook up LK,MK,HK for both players. The CPS1 Kick harness is a little different.

If you check ebay or places like you can find the kick harnesses for 10-15 bucks and they’re not hard at all to change out.

Do I need to look at a different power supply for a CPS1 to CPS2 swap? Or is the power requirements the same?

Also the screen I have for the SF2 unit has crummy color ‘sometimes’, it wil lstart crummy, then improve over time, then randomly go ‘back’ to crummy. any suggestions as to what that may be?

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Power supply will be fine, its all JAMMA. I dont know what the deal is with your color, but that sounds like a monitor issue to me. Sometimes when I’m swapping boards if I dont really shove the JAMMA harness on well the Red wont show up and i’ll have to reseat the connection, but I’ve never had it where it will come and go. Maybe try getting some Qtips and rubbing alcohol and cleaning the edge connector on the board and the jamma harness itself and see if that helps the color issue at all

Something I ran into going from CPS1 to a CPS2 was my monitor was inverted when I plugged in the CPS2, so if that happens don’t be freaked out.