Arcade Supergun - Super Street Fighter II Turbo tourney @Nov 20-21 NCR Milpitas

Sorry if this cross posting is excessive, but folks urge me to post this here as well to attract more potential players:

Please do not reply in this thread. click on the link below or pm me directly. Thanks!`official’-ncr-st-tourney-%40nov-20-21-embassy-suites-milpitas-255042/

So I have been talking to DGV since SBR about strengthening SF2 on the west coast.

We decided to organize a supergun cps2 ST tourney @ NCR (supergun because people want to use their own stick anyway and it is also easier to setup).

I?ll have two setups and DGV will bring at least one (or maybe two).

I asked John Choi and he agreed (read below for some interesting tidbits about choi :slight_smile:

It is not going to be official in the sense that there is no sign up from the NCR registration site.

But it is not a complete side tourney since we?re going to stream it! :lovin:

But we need help.

  1. We need your support. We need people to sign up for this. We need everyone who enjoy SF2, ST to sign up.

  2. We need help with equipments. We?ll have superguns and ST boards. But we haven?t yet secured enough LCD or TV, and we don?t have enough loaner PS2 sticks.

My plan is to have this run right after HDR pool and not to compete with HDR tourney.

People that play both should enjoy both and have double the fun @ NCR since there are TWO SF2 tourney instead of one (or zero for other games).

Since this should be a different experience than the HDR tourney, I?m planning to either run

  1. 2v2 or 3v3 team tourney (not favorable since it?s hard to round up players)

  2. Character locked tourney (learn your matchup!)

  3. Starcup-like single man team tourney, you pick 3 characters (duplicate ok) and specify the order and have to stick with it.

  4. Singles, if that?s what everyone prefer

[ The following are not confirmed and will solely based on feedback from you guys that plan to enter :

After the tourney, we may have a quick East vs West japanese style team tourney for fun.
Here’re the possibilities:

  1. Divide by age group : young team vs adult team

  2. Locals vs out of towners

  3. Two captains picking members one by one

And after that, if we still have time and top players around (or there are enough replies in this thread), we can run a quick 8 man high stakes $50, $100 tourney for added excitment!


So, please reply if

  1. You are interested to enter

  2. What entry fee you prefer besides the standard $5 or $10

  3. What format you prefer

  4. If you can help with LCD/TV

  5. If you have a PSX/PS2 stick and willing to lend to people who don?t have it (and please specify what stick and buttons you have)

  6. If you are interested @ east vs west battle or high stake 8 man tourney

So, how’s the plan? At the very least, we?ll try to have 4 setups for casual play so there will be a lot of fun.

Remember, double the SF2, double the fun :woot:

[ BTW, if the equipments arrive on time, I’ll bring them over to SCR and have a unofficial CPS2 ST tourney @ socal as well. Lots of SF2 actions for CA folks!]

I asked John Choi for permission to post this:

bump. this is happening in a week!`official’-ncr-st-tourney-%40nov-20-21-embassy-suites-milpitas-255042/

bump. count down in 4 days`official’-ncr-st-tourney-%40nov-20-21-embassy-suites-milpitas-255042/

ill enter this tournament 4sure since im too late too sign up for the main games

darn friends with paypal catted on me lols

Hi moe wifi, your name is added to my list, (see the official thread here)

it’s going to be starcup format (you pick 3 characters, duplicates allowed, and order is fixed)

I’ll see you there!