Arcade stick USB cable question

I had my arcade stick’s usb cable tore. I’ve been told I can repair it without soldering it by twisting the wires together and sealing it with electrical tape. But I’m wondering if this will cause any issues for game play like delayed input? Will I be able to notice any difference? I do plan to eventually repair it with a soldering iron but for now I just want to know if I should be concerned about doing it this way?

Thanks for the help.

Digital signals don’t work like that. You won’t be able to “feel” any “delay”. It’ll work, or it won’t. Or it’ll constantly connect and disconnect. But it won’t cause in-game performance changes.

Bottom line, get the cable repaired properly or replaced completely. You’re MUCH better off that way.

Just so I use a retarded amount of electrical tape and it’s connection is consistent is there any reason to repair it properly? lol. Paying $3500 in lawyer fees right now so it might be a while before I can bother to do this like I should…

It’s the equivalent to using duct tape to patch up a drain pipe: sure it sorta does the job now, but you KNOW that it’ll crap out on you, so why not spend the $5-10 and get it done properly to begin with?..

So yes, there IS a point to get it repaired properly.

BTW, what stick is it?

Does it matter, I feel Hori, Mad Catz, Qanba and everyone else really cheaps out on the USB cord construction.
Every stick that comes retail as a poorly made USB cable.

I agree that the quality of USB cables used are about the same, but that aside, there are other variables that justify us knowing what kind of stick it is.

Oh if the stick has a storage compartment or not for the cable?

It dosen’t matter if you end up wrapping the cable around the stick tightly after each match.

Other than being arrogant, irritating, and not that funny, you’re probably an alright guy.

I come off in text more arrogant than I appear in real life.
Although I don’t sugar coat anything and I call it as I see it

What exactly would I be spending the $5-10 on for a proper fix? Thanks

For now, I have my cord twisted and taped up, I don’t notice a difference. If I get a new cord I’ll probably get a good quality one if it makes a difference.

I use HORI VX SA Kai

Like I said, you won’t feel a difference. If the wires are still making contact, it’ll still work… for now. Until something gets loose. Then your stick will disconnect; even worse if it happens mid-match.

The $5-10 was just a random ballpark; you’d need a new USB cable, and you either replace it yourself, or you pay a local modder to do it for you.

depending on where the cord is damaged you won’t necessarily need a new one, you could cut it at the end and shorten it.

here’s a solderless solution




I don’t know how to solder so I use terminal strips and it gets the job done. Modded 4 retail sticks with dual mods and was able to keep the stock USB cables without having to solder.

Awesome. I have all the information I need. Thanks guys :slight_smile: