Arcade stick template artwork


I would appreciate it very much if someone that has any knowledge of this could help me. I have a Madcatz SF4 arcade fightstick ae. Not TE. Anyways I know how to create my artwork and template from photoshop, replace or repair it etc. I would just like to be able to label my buttons on the template itself. Where would I be able to find the xbox button pics or stock pics from the madcatz stick itself. I’ve searched everywhere I could but no answer. I just want my “A” button and all the rest of them to be on the artwork so I can map my buttons out. Please reply anyone with the answer. Thank you for your time.

Moving to tech talk. Stick/modding questions generally belong there.

You might want to look for answers in the sticky:

ok sorry about that. i’m a noob when it comes to forums. lol.

I still can’t find the one and only answer to my question and i don’t know if i’m wording it right. I just want to place letters on the artwork next to the buttons like the stock arcade sticks have. so if the “A” button is bottom left first button i want the letter “A” in green for xbox 360 to be under or around the button. I just don’t know where or how to go about finding it if no one posts a thread about it.