Arcade stick support for additional analog sticks?

Does anyone know of a solution to using the right and left analog sticks on the ps3/360. For instance if I was playing a non-fighting game, like castle crashers, and the controls were specifically mapped to somethng like the right analog stick(clearly a fictional scenario) would there be any way to move my character with my arcade stick? Anyone have any solutions so I could use my ps360+ pcb to do something like this?

It’s possible using a PS360+, but if you need access to both during a game it’s not very practical. you would have to go into setup mode and change it from there then exit, all using the combination of buttons found in the software overview pdf. When you do use analog though you wont be able to have any analog function since the joystick runs using digital switches.

Does anyone know if the headphone jack on this outputs game volume as well as mic chat? like if I wanted to run just a pair of headphones to this, would it get game volume? Or if I wanted to get crazy, run a pair of small headphone speakers to it to output game volume?