Arcade stick recommendations?

Hey everyone, looking to get back into the fgc. So will be in the market for an arcade stick! I had the mad catz TEs back in the day and loved em! I see that there is a new company called Razor that look to be pretty damn tasty!

But curious what you all recommend! :slight_smile:

Budget is around 200 and I’m on xbone

Hori real arcade pro
Edit: they’re like 132 at Walmart online store

Thanks! I’ll look into them as well! Any idea how they stack up to the Razors?

Well, to me really come down to the size of stick really matters to me. the razer is a really good stick simple stick, you can store items inside. great art on top, comes with a tool if you bought it new, great room for modding but it not wide enough for me. Many people i know who are tall and spreads there legs a lot does not like stick that are below 16 inches. my fiends only used Madcatz VS stick because of the weight and width. i only i use Madcatz TE and Eightarc Fusions because i got them cheap at the time and they were 16 inches wide.

but if you desire the razer on how i looks and the name of it, get it. it always good to try out different sticks. i buy and sell a lot of sticks from ebay.
it doesn’t matter what stick you bought or the cost of it, it only matter if you true like it… and willing to spend the money… and tournament legal if you play in tournaments.

Thanks a ton my dude! I ordered the hrap last night! Can not wait to rejoin the fgc in all it’s glory!

If I could get a decent VS stick at a crazy price that would be my go to. The HRAP has nice length, but I cant stand the start button on the front panel.

Between the Atrox and a TE2 I would probably go with the Atrox. The case just looks nicer. I prefer the box look. Like a VS.

I play with a TE round 1. Its a nice size. I just don’t like the big side panels. Will get smaller ones at some point.

The thing to remember is that they are pretty much all the same thing. The decent sticks will all be Sanwa parts, then Seimitsu is the next popular. And Hori now uses the Hyabusa range that they designed in their more expensive sticks. If I recall that correctly. Not bothered to Google it now. So just pick the stick you like the look of as long as its a proper name product.

Did you guys notice from changing to a fight stick from PS4 joystick that your inputs were more direct and on point? I have nothing to compare it to but I feel like im making motions with the joystick on my controller and I realize im new but I also feel like im not really messing up every single time.

I remember that playing on an arcade stick gave me a very clear understanding of the actual motion that was required. It actually helped clean up my motions on a controller, i used the d-pad though.

I find on stick it is easier to learn new combos or motions. But once I can do something on stick it isn’t an issue to do it on pad. The bigger movements on a pad just seem nicer to do and you can be a little more sloppy sometimes when learning new things. You can do a QCF on a stick with your hole wrist. Or just some fingers. But if you are playing on controller then use the D-Pad. The analogue sticks are horrible for fighting games.

I had plenty to say until you said Xbone. Aside from having little first hand experience with the PS4 and the Bone I know the former is much better on options. I wish you the best of luck but really can’t help. Maybe if there is a modern version of Ps360 or whatever various controller adapters exist for Xbox One you can grab that and then go for literally whatever Ps3 or 360 stick you find cheaper since there are a bunch of those in decent quality. However I do not know if such a thing currently exists and sadly cannot provide you any further information that might be useful without being sure to avoid possibly misguiding you as I may already have.
Best of luck warrior.

he already said he bought an HRAP.

I never even thought of this! So glad I jumped in here to take a look.