Arcade stick motion help

Just got myself a TE stick. Love everything about it, and am now trying to wash off 20 years worth of pad play. I’ve got almost everything down, but Ultras and supers. For the life of me I just can’t seem to hit them consistently. It’s probably the way the stick registers double QCF motions as opposed to a pad, but is there any sound advice for landing them them consistently?

:df::r::df::r::3p:(sf4 only)

:df::df: + :p: (SF4 only)

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Thank you very much. I’ll try it out tonight.

Don’t just practice SF4 shortcuts, SF4 is the only 2D fighting game that really emphasizes those short cuts. If you want experience using a stick get the motions down the classic way.

That way your experience will be universal throughout many fighting games and basic joystick motions, not just SF4.

A TE is much different then a HAPP and the tension is much less, you only need to use your hand and not your whole forearm. Small direct motions are the only way to really get motions properly. Any QCF x 2 motions needs to be done quickly and smoothly. Start slow, then speed up. Even though it requires quick movements, most games give a considerable amount of breathing room.

Also, TE uses a square gate and it has hard corners. This is problematic for some people, and they have switched to round gates for their roll characters. But it’s all preference.