Arcade stick help

Hello there. I am making a LED button fight stick for my fightstick. I was wonder if any one knew what the code is to make the circuit board so i will be able to make my own code. Im have trouble making one at the moment but we are basing the board off of the Cthulhu boards that are sold.

What are you actually trying to do with LEDs?

Im trying to get them to light up on command. Thats all. nothing fancy :smiley:

You do not need any code for Light on Press.
You do not need anything, just LED and Resistor and Button.

Yes i know that but im trying to make a board so my buttons and stick can connect to it via a usb but the board has a microprocessor chip on it and it has a specfic code you have to put on the chip in order for it to work.

why don’t you just use a premade one?
they all have shutdown codes you input when you want it to not light up
at least i know that sparkys and fgwidget led controllers do

sparkys are also open source so

I want to make a premade one but i have to make a board for the project or i will fail because “its lacks interesting qualities and was not made from scratch”. Originally i wanted to make it out of an xbox 360 controller.

oh its an assignment…


Well its a mixture of both. I’m going to keep it after and stuff but my teachers being strict -_-