Arcade stick help buying

Hi noob here

Play all the fighting games majoritly ssf4 sick of breaking pads

Can anyone recomend me a stick will go as high as ninty pound looking for ease of modding no soldering rqd on buttons and template swapping hear the datel arcade ones are crap except for the pcb in them?

Recomendations? Edit:not trying to be a picky git here but would love to have a decent sized one not a small one


What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting - Best to try here first.

For £90 your best bet will be trying to find a Madcatz Brawlstick or SE and then Sanwa modding it. You just missed out on the Mad Catz EVO sale that would have got you a SFxT PRO stick for £80 :frowning:

Aaaaaaa why didnt iget on here before ??? Thanks for the info buddy i had a look last night but am at work at the moment so cant look again.

Is there another sale soon? Just looking for something half decent pc and ps3 use that i can customise if needed - already saw rhe juri background i want :slight_smile:

Thanks for quik response