Arcade stick button-tapping

I noticed something watching vids of people at arcades playing…just HOW many times do people have to hit a button to do a simple fireball? I hear a click, then TAPTAPTAP(fireball comes out)TAPTAP. Damn…wtf? It’s like this every time you watch a vid of people using sticks, if you turn the volume up high enough. A simple sf4 combo of, cr. hp, fireball has as many as 7-8 button taps. Why? Do pad players do the same thing, or is it a “high-level stick player” thing? Is it a frames thing?

it ensures the fireball comes out. pressing/depressing (negative edge) a button gives two chances of the button actually being hit, and if you drum a button or “piano” other punch buttons, you increase the chances of that special move coming out.

oh, and in SF4, there is a thing called P-Linking/plinking which adds frame advantage to combos.


Daaaaamn…I understand negative edge, but plinking…is it that you’re hitting second button that is a weaker attack and thus has a speedier attack that makes the primary attack come out faster?

In SF4 They are also buffering another input into their normals for option selects.

No. Check out the sticky in the SF4 section for an explanation.

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Check this CE Chun player in this vid posted by korea_sf2ce:


No, it means you have more button presses in the frames you want to execute the link.

if you push more than one button for a fireball, you have more chances to execute it.

If you need multiple button taps to throw a fireball outside of a combo…I don’t know what to say. I could see in the middle of a long combo, but just standing there, a full screen away? Nah, bro. Work on your execution.

No fucking way this isn’t a troll thread

needing to hit numerous buttons to ensure a fireball is ridiculous.

This technique is used to perform moves on the earliest possible frame. eg. after recovering from a previous move. If you press too early nothing will come out. If you use multiple taps there’s a higher chance of landing the move as early as possible.


In these vids you can see players sometimes triple tapping buttons just to pull off normals.