Arcade stick bag?

I just bought an x-arcade tankstick (yes I know everyone says it’s bad…)

Anyways, I’ve been carrying it lately back and forth a lot from home and work…I was wondering how everyone else handles transporting their sticks. The box and styrofoam is getting beat up and I’m thinking I should get a case or something to carry it in.

Any ideas?

I know some people have like a suitcase with custom-cut foam. But considering how large a tankstick is I don’t know if you’d be able to find something large enough to carry it in.

Bags are for women. I have yet to find something that I can use to comfortably carry my stick.

I just have a duffel bag for my sticks.

The box for your x-arcade is getting beat up? Who cares. Not like that’s a collectors item.

Just grab the stick and carry it with one arm. Don’t carry that big ass box around.

If you want to transport it easily, just put the stick in any old backback.

this is how i transport my stick

i wish my Mas Stick had a carrying handle like that instead of lugging it around on a backpack :sad:

I just picked up a messenger bag from Old Navy for $20. It can hold either my custom or even my big ass HRAP2 and has pockets for all my converters plus extension cables.

put wheels on it and make it a skateboard
let it transport YOU

I guess a drill, 2 screws, and a handle are rare in NYC.

I guess i never really gave it any thought but will try that suggestion though :tup:

Yeah, it’s a pretty basic job. :tup:

cool, thanks guys…

I’ll probably look for some giant duffel bag…hopefully the tankstick can fit in there. sigh I guess I should’ve thought about that BEFORE I bought it. Oh well…


I think the name “Tank Stick” should imply that it is not made for portability.

Just wondering, why do you bring it to work?

Didn’t Hori make a special bag for lugging HRAP’s around, thought I remembered hearing that. Probably hard to find and hella expensive anyway, just wanted to put it out there though.

I use the Evo bag from Toyota. Finkle stick fits in just right.

If they did, I’d love to see it. I’ve been debating for a while getting a messenger bag specially made for carrying my stick (HRAP). Just like a normal messenger bag, except with a little cylinder area where the balltop would be. I dont get to go to tournaments often, but it’d sure beat the fuck outta carrying it by hand everywhere for three days straight.

lunch hour

anyway if you go for the adding-a-handle route i’d advise taking it one step further and adding some sort of way to keep the stick’s cord tucked away without having to wrap it around the base