Arcade SSF4 Bison: What tweaks or changes would you want to see?

What kind of tweaks or changes do you guys want to see in the arcade version?

The Capcom guy has told the loketest goers that there’s changes but he wasn’t allowed to mention them. Assuming at least a little bit should be touched upon everybody, I think Bison could get some adjustments.

Please keep the whining out! Constructive and intelligent posts please!

for SF6, i would like bison’s c.fp to be 5 frames faster.

Meaty s.rh should cross up and be cancelable into PC… :looney:

Give headstomp tracking/a better hitbox.

Decrease the start-up time of psycho crusher, invincibility frames or at least better recovery.

Make dr a armor breaker or make it a cross up and increase the speed of it.

Increase the start up time of nightmare booster

More set ups for nightmare boosters

More over-all priority on some of his moves.

I don’t imagine they’ll do anything crazy. However, as for changes that I’d want:

-Reduce startup frames on c.hp
-Make scissors or PC airborne from the first frame. If scissors was airborne, then he could use it to punish grabs/crouch tech like Cammy and Rufus. Making PC airborne would probably be more appropriate, since it’s unsafe if blocked.
-Give Bison his cape or his cape intro.

edit: the title says ssf6, btw

SK FADC (after it connects) into U2 would be cool. Its been awhile since I played SSF4 (i can only play at a buddies house) so i forgot exactly how far away the opponent is spaced after a connected SK, is it a knockdown? Techable?

Idk, I just always thought that considering how big SK is to bison’s pressure game, there should be more chances for reward after FADC’ing one other than throw if it was blocked. Maybe make it just HK SK that can FADC into U2, because throwing out a safe LK with the chance to land ultra 2 might be a little much, but you get the idea I’m trying to convey.

Also, if they don’t give U1 more chances to combo, maybe make it go through fireballs to add a new aspect to his game, considering most Ultras with high damage and low number of ways to combo generally have more properties to them.

Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:

They didn’t change anything huge in a full-blown revision of the game. They’re not going to change anything significant in an arcade/dlc update.

All I’d want is a small hitbox change on or a faster cr.hp for AA purposes. In short I’d like a more reliable AA.

What I was thinking as far as is to remove the vulnerable boxes from the tip of his boot to the ankle. This might make it trade less if it is spaced correctly.

As for cr.hp yeah its simply too slow to be useful outside of a few matchups usually characters with floaty jumps its fairly effective, chun is an example of one fight it works fairly well on

haha yeah i agree w/ everyone. c.hp/anti air is my biggest gripe. maybe this is just bison’s design though.

None, id hate to have the console version diff than the arcade version.

Yeah faster Cr.Hp, an overhead.

I’d imagine that any changes that get put in the arcade version would be patched into the console version.

I really don’t want any changes. I like bison the way he is. Im afraid they’d nerf him.

They can’t nerf bison without fundamentally changing him. What could they really do? Make LK SK unsafe? That’d destroy him. His other specials aren’t anything worth nerfing. Frame nerfs would kill combo options, which Capcom said they deliberately avoided while developing Super. Hitbox nerfs would be pointless. And he already had damage reduced.

Bison’s perfect. Flexible strengths and managable weaknesses. What else can you ask for?

Not so much.

If anything Bison is not really all that flexible, hes a pretty straightforward character in how he gets things done. His weaknesses and addressing a few of the more annoying ones is the point of this thread.

Well suggest you read this thread then.

-5 frames on start up and put those 5 frames on recovery of c.hp, it has a good hitbox but it needs frame tweaks

Some kind of priority on x2

personally, i don’t find the start up on c.hp to be a problem. most jump ins are slow enough to react to. the problem i find is the hit box. the active period is four frames, and during that time the hit box is all over the place: forward, diagonal up-forward, and then up. i just want the hit box in a usable AA position during all four frames, i.e. up-forward and up… or just up/above.

Yeah also this…dont expect a guarantee for a buff if they change him…

make all scissor kicks safe.