Arcade Shock Communication

I’ve been sending emails to arcade shock for a week now and i’m not getting any answer from them.
Does anybody know if they dont give quite attention for emails or are they going to some trouble?
Do you guys usually get answers from them?

Its been a week and a half now. But i’ll order the stick.

Ps: Just ordered. Let’s see now.
Anybody else is on the pre-order for the hraps?

Arcade shock is very reputable, like the other guy said it takes a couple of days to get a response back. Did you try using their email webpage to directly contact them because that is the best way to go.

its not a scam, my buddy ordered from them not too long ago. also if you live in socal they will let you pick up your stuff so you can save on shipping, which in the case of the HRAP 3 is 30 bucks i believe, but yeah give them a few days to get back to you.

Oh guys, thanks for the answer.
Since I’m from Brazil, i couldn’t realize that stuff. But it seems to be a very nice store and it’ll be my first time buying the HRAP. I’ve sent the email from their website but its been like a week and a half now. I’ve ordered anyway. I could’ve picked up the stick there, but my friend lives in san jose so i shipped there and he’ll take the huge box to send to brazil to me. Let’s all wait for our hraps.

Ok guys, I need your help again.
I still didnt receive any response to my emails. And i’ve pre-ordered the stick. I’ve received an email from usps but im not quite sure what it means. Is it just confirming the shipping address or was the item shipped? Please, help me.

**** This is a post-only message. Please do not respond. ****


This ship notification is being sent to you by the U.S. Postal Service at the request of A- S. If the “Shipped To” address information is not correct, please contact the Shipper.

A package with a Click-N-Ship label created on containing the following information is scheduled to be shipped on 06/13/2009.

From: Shipped to:
A- S
MARINA DL REY CA 90292-6071

Type of Service: Delivery Confirmation?
Label Number: 0103 8555 7497 XXXX XXXX

To check on the delivery status of your package, please go to Track and Confirm at

Thank you,
United States Postal Service

How is the packaged scheduled to the 13th if i received the email on the 14th? Its kinda confusing.

This means they created a label to ship your item which generally means it will get shipped on the day you received the e-mail. Don’t bother with the track and confirm button though, mail through USPS generally just shows you the date it was shipped and the date it was received.

Hope this helps.

that it just telling you they made the shipping label, its like an order confirmation, it doesn’t mean they are shipping yet, it just means they know who to ship it to.

Thanks guys! That’s a pretty neat system. I’m pretty sure we don’t have that kind of system here in Brazilians Post Offices Services. But, since they made the label they’re prolly going to ship it.
I just wish they could answer my emails.

I got both of my HRAP3s from them in pristine condition, so no worries man - they will come through.

Even the boxes are immaculate, due to the fact that they ship them inside another box layered in styrofoam.

The only way it could be less than perfect when it gets to you is if your pal drops it on the way to Brasil. :sweat:

arcade shock is definitely reputable, vinh was really good with email with me and even let me have the option to pick up on site since i’m in socal as well. not to worry, i know brazil is a long way!

Hmm, did you get your hraps from previous shipments or did you get it from this time?
I’m kinda worried. I received that email and on their website it says they’ll ship today. Does the USPS work on sundays? Can you ship stuff on sundays? The thing is… I just found out my friend is going to travel tomorrow! What’ll happen if the package goes to his house and nobody is there to pick it up? He’s prolly going to be away for 2 weeks! Darn! If only I knew that… So… my really concern is what’ll happen to the package. If the store was responding to my emails i could change the shipping address…

The USPS is not open on Sundays. That is why you may have been worried about your stick not moving. I too am waiting for my stick and I pre-purchase it like 4 months ago. Relax =). You’ve waited long enough and if you’re emailing to talk about HRAP3’s you should order it instead of wasting time - before they are sold out again… haha


The email says Delivery Confirmation - not signature confirmation. No one has to be home as long as there is a secure place to hide it for you to return home to get it.

Some of the more expensive UPS options do have Sunday deliveries, so they may have said shipping on Sunday for those who did the 70 dollar shipping instead of the el cheapo 28.

Didn’t see your unique situation. It may be too late already… Hope you can get in contact with him to get someone else to mail it to you…

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ve sent them another email to see if i can change the shipping address. Luckily I have another friend in town so i could ask them to deliver to his house.
Other than that I’m not sure about the differences in Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation and I’m not sure if the letter carrier would leave the package, which is pretty big, on his house. I’m not sure if there is a safe place for such a big box to be left there. This is bugging me but if the store replies to me than i guess it’ll be possible to find a solution.

Ah, I shall ease over one of your worries in different terms.

Signature confirmation is when they will only give you your package if you answer the door and sign their form. If no one answers the door, they will drive off and attempt to deliver it the next three days or so. If no one ever signs for it, they’ll eventually give it back to the sender who I assume would charge you to reship it. If that worst case scenario happens (which it won’t: see below), they should send emails about what is up and by then you can give them a new address.

Delivery confirmation is when they’ll leave the package at the door step without needing someone there. The email says delivery confirmation so this is what will happen: they will leave it in front of the garage or front door if no one answers the door. If you find another friend who can get it for you, more power to you, but they have to make sure it is your package. If they get and ship out another package that isn’t yours, that is tampering with mail and is a felony for them, yeah?

Thanks for the info man! So they’ve answered me, which is pretty nice. I’m not sure how i’m gonna solve this, perhaps i’ll have to reship it. But I guess now that it’s all shipped i’ll have to do something. I’ll call my friend and see things up. Thanks for everyone who helped. Here is the answer:


We sent you an email reply 2 times already and both got returned back to us.

All the sticks have shipped to the address indicated. If the person
is not home during that time period, they normally put the package at
the local post office by their house. If the item isn’t received
within 1 week, they ship the stick back to us normally. We just hope
they don’t leave it at their front door.


Which I replied asking when it was shipped since my friends house is in a city 5 hours from there by car. Maybe it’ll get in 1 or 2 days and maybe it’ll get there by tomorrow.


Ah… Well good luck in getting in touch with someone to ship it out.

That email is pleasant news for me though. It means my stick has been shipped too.

Cool. >D

I don’t remember his username but the owner of the site posts here on SRK. Someone else may remember what he goes by.

I purchased a HRAP.EX from them and got it sent to Spain with no problems whatsoever. My mails got answered usually next day, the stick got shipped along with a free poster. Totally happy with their service.