Arcade Renaissance Mayhem Tournament Results

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. Alex Walbert
  2. Peter Susini
  3. Alex Jebailey
  4. Leland Miller
  5. David Richardson
  6. Andrew Quintero
    7 David Flazarano
  7. Andres Coll
  8. Rick Stalvey

Lol My nigga cakes placed higher than rick. your the best!!:smokin:

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Alex Garvin
  2. Justin Zhou
  3. Peter Susini
  4. Allen Hou
  5. Eder
  6. Rodrigo
  7. Jason Gray
  8. Amir
  9. Alex Walbert
  10. Micheal Decker

Third Strike

  1. Richel Hernandez
  2. Jamal Hughes
  3. Peter Susini
  4. Ryan Firtell
  5. David Richardson
  6. Andrew Quintero
  7. Vaughn Mitchell
  8. James Dostie
  9. Andres Coll
  10. Carlos Bailey
  11. Nathan Roach
  12. Pablo Garza

Guity Gear XX Accent Core

  1. Peter Susini
  2. Alex Garvin
  3. Alex Tsa (SENKEI)
  4. 2 Piece

Help me out with the rest guys the pc crashed and i can’t remember the rest.

Sub Games:


  1. Jose Rullan
  2. Andres Coll
  3. Peter Susini

Alpha 3

  1. Peter Susini
  2. Andrew Quintero
  3. David Richardson
  4. Nathan Roach

Team Tournaments:


1.Team We Win

  1. Team Bay Bay

  2. Team Almond Joy

  3. Team Jebailey

  4. Team Cakes
    Rick/Andres/David F.

Third Strike:

  1. Team FLA
    James D./David R.

  2. Team Bad ATM

  3. Team We Win :crybaby:
    Richel/Peter S

  4. The Team
    Who was this again

  5. Team Melb

  6. Team Max Hobo

  7. Team Fried Chicken NiGGA!
    Ryan/ I don’t rember

  8. Team Real Miami
    Rick/David F. - Sub Alex J

Good stuff. That 3rd place 3s match was my fave. Also, Richel is a beast.

Ritchel beat my face in. I wish I had fought back some more than I did!

I’d like to see all the 3s matches on youtube or wherever, they were all good to watch.

me and alex split pot in marvel. congrats to flash for stepping up and making team florida. Still got some kinks to work out, but he came up a lot. Shout out to Rick and Andrew for backing out of all our money matches after talking shit for a month. I can still smell the vaginal secretions.

: )…

wow i don’t even remeber the rest…

im never gonna enter another 3s tourney again after how bad i did this weekend =(

Dude you’re too good remember?

Fact of the matter is Peter plays only when he gets money and when he wants to play.

He didn’t want a such a good player. You should give him some tips.

Peter getting third in XI? Did anybody else there actually know how to play the game? :wow:

Nice to see Cakes is still second forever, even when I’m not there. :china:

Yeeeeah. He said it and you can tell it broke his baby heart.

what happend to cvs ?? :confused:

also you guys record anything ??

Good shit Biggzy, not to FlashM tho hes a bum. :smile: