Arcade Perfect or Closest Port Possible for these Games?

I’ve begun an overhaul on purchasing fighting games, both ones I’ve never played and old favorites, but in my research, some of them are lacking on information on whether they are arcade perfect ports or what the differences are on the closest home port possible. I would like someone to help out and tell me what versions of these games are arcade perfect home ports (including Japanese Exclusive ports), or if one doesn’t exist, which is the closest version to the original arcade system. Or if they were never ported to begin with. LOL Thanks in advance:

*Here’s the List:

-Fatal Fury 1, 2, 3, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury 1, 2, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Garou: Mark of the Wolves

-Last Blade, Last Blade 2

-Samurai Shodown 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Samurai Shodown 5 Special

-Art of Fighting 1, 2, 3

-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

-Red Earth

-Savage Reign, Kizuna Encounter

-The Rumble Fish


-The King of Fighters, '94-'03
(I own XI and XII/ But, I recently purchased The Orochi Saga for PS2 and it’s on the way, is that arcade perfect versions of '94-'98? If not, then which versions are?)

Thanks again, I know it’s a long list, but I’ve saved up and plan to do this and raise my skill back up in all the games I loved from before to play competitively and to pick up a few new ones (Rumble Fish looks REALLY interesting). If there are also some of these games that come together as a set, that’d be good to know and if there are any games in that list that aren’t worth buying.


Finding out if a game is a solid port? There’s an app for that.

SRK Search Function.

=/ I checked, and some of the information was either posted strangely or not posted at all. Also, some of those threads are massive… sifting through those is taxing… I do it anyway, but not all of these games were listed…

The various SNK collections for PS2 cover most of what you asked about.

I figured as much for the SNK titles, what about the others?

There’s no port for Red Earth.

It’s generally considered that the DC ports of Jojo are superior since the PSX couldn’t handle the CPS3 animation and stuff.

US orochi collection has loading problems and stuff on ps2 I hear compared to the Japan version, although Japan version doesn’t have 98. For 98, just get 98 Ultimate Match, there’s an arcade perfect port in that version (at least in Jap version, dunno about US) and Ultimate Match is pretty awesome in general.

KOF XI you have to make sure the game’s arranged mode is turned off, the 3d stages lag the game during certain attacks I think?

That sucks about Red Earth… I heard there was no port, but I played an emulation online a looong time ago… so I wanted to find it, since it was so bizarre.

'98 UM is just a rehashing of the original '98 right? Is it superior in gameplay to the original '98? And are you saying '98 UM has both the arcade perfect original '98 and the UM update?

And yeah I always play the arcade version for XI that is a no brainer. Arrange modes are terrible. And yeah, if you start a match on a 3D level like Concert and open up instantly with a fast attack like Vanessa’s Puncher Vision or K-Dash’s Blackout, their movesments are delayed the entire match. LOL. So I stick to the 2D levels.

No info on Rumble Fish or Last Blade? I have the info for the remainder of the list now, thanks.

Yeah, KOF 98 UM has BOTH the UM update and the original emulated. It’s the same with KOF 2k2 UM, it has the original emulated pretty perfectly. UM versions of both games are definitely more fun though, but that’s a preference thing I’m sure.

Oh, Rumble Fish’s port is fine as far as I know.

I can’t remember anything about Last Blade’s ps2 port, although assuming the quality of the other games, it should be ok? I think the DC port is really bad due to slowdown and the US version is censored, but I have no idea about it.

Oh, so was Rumble Fish ever released state side though? Or would I be looking for a japanese version (as I’ll have to do with Garou T__T or get a 360 and XBLA)?

Oh ok, and the ps2 port of the Last Blade series is Japanese Exclusive as well right?

Yeah on both accounts.

Oh, and according to this website the ps2 port of the Last Blade collection has slowdown. :frowning: Guess you’ll have to make due with emulation.

Damn… Last Blade really was the one game I wanted the most. sigh T__T Oh well, I guess I will have to make due… but even then… it’s not the same as truly owning it…

And cool, thanks alot for your help. I guess I will try to get my hands on a Japanese Rumble Fish and Garou as well.

All home ports of last blade 1 & 2 (PSX, PS2 & DC) have slowdown.

As for SNK games, always get japanese versions, they all support progressive scan.
Almost all SNK games are emulated as opposed to dedicated reprogramed ports and for the most part they are correctly emulated (save for some sound glitches & loading on some games)

MOTW on PS2 is better than DC port but runs at different speed than the arcade version if I’m not mistaken (I have the MVS cart and haven’t played the PS2 version in ages) also the “just defend” text doesn’t show up on PS2 for some reason.

There’s no home port of SamSHo V Special besides the Neo-Geo AES cart, which is rare and expensive.

Get a NeoGeo AES or a CMVS, better than arcade in many respects. It’s what I did and there really is no better way to play those games. Though some like Last Blade 2 can be better on the Neo CD once you get past the insane loading times, the soundtracks are beautiful in the game.

Also, Power Instinct 4 (Matrimelee) is the BEST when played on NeoGeo. The PS2 port is technically okay, but they fucking removed the ROD characters, Sissy and I think maybe you can’t use the Europe Sound options (which is the best soundtrack IMO)

I’m not a huge SNK fan for the most part… so I don’t think I’d want to get a NeoGeo AES which is probably going to cost me WAY too much to get a good one and then I’d have to get an arcade stick mod for my stick to play on the NG AES…

Plus, I don’t feel safe playing on older systems, I feel they’re gonna break down on me and leave me hanging lol. Which is why I don’t play my Dreamcast in excess.

For the SNK games I see no real reason to go any way other then original hardware. I mean you may initially pay $200 for a consolized MVS then another $50 for joystick parts, but after that every MVS fighting game except MOTW and SSVS is under $40 and arcade perfect. Then of course if/when you get tired of it the console-MVS will still be worth just as much as you spent on it. Oh yeah, and SSVS is only on Neo-Geo.

You could put a Neo-Geo MVS in a dishwasher, let it dry and it still works.
It is a cartridge system, handle it well and the edge connectors stay decent.
It is not like a laser is going to die any minute now.

The controller part is the easy one since it does not use special circuitry,
it is direct connection.

The Neo-Geo AES is overpriced.
Neo-Geo MVS and MVS carts are cheap.
Neo-Geo MVS + UniBIOS,
to get things like decent two player mode.

Well then I guess I’ll have to put some more money aside from an overpriced older system… I guess it will be ok… but it only plays SNK games… like in the end, I need to get the other games for other systems anyway… Hopefully while I’m saving and working SNK will release some more arcade perfect versions for new systems. I don’t get why games aren’t arcade perfect in their ports… people want to play what they found, not some rehashing of it…

Well all but 3 of the games on your list are SNK games. Go to and see about making your own CMVS if you have some soldering skills. A lot of the games are dirt cheap and once you add a unibios to it you will be able to play the games in ways that no other system allows. Just find an old 1-slot MVS for around $40 and put in a few bucks to fix it up. When you decide to sell it you can make back 2x 3x what you put into it. And the controllers are the easy part, as has been said they are direct connection so there is no pcb to worry about. And if you really don’t want to get into that there are ps->neo converters out there.

Wow that sounds great lol, you are good SNK salesmans lol. Since that’s what everyone wants bought, since everything else is easily acquired, which is why only snk games were last, they were the last thing on my list. But yeah I guess I will invest in it, since it’s the last games I need, I already have everything else… so I won’t have to buy anything after this… except a new generation system o___o I have no 360 or PS3, but I want this first, it’s better.