Arcade perfect fighting games for PS2 ( US and import )

I would like to know which fighting games for the ps2 are Arcade Perfect.

I know that Tekken and KOF XI are one of them. What about the rest of the SNK games like NGBC, MOTW, etc.?

NGBC is good, Garou is only missing the “Guard Cancel” text after you do a Special or Super right when you Just Defend. KOF 98 UM will be on PS2 and it will have the original KOF 98 as well.

NGBC good as in its Arcade Perfect or good as in its ok?

I would love to play KOF 98 UM, but that depends in whos willing to play it here in Socal …

federation vs zaft 2 plus?

EDIT: This is Rogueyoshi

iirc the only thing NGBC has wrong with it is the dragon stages and the bear boxing the tire swing has lag when you do certain moves.

Other than that it’s fine.

what about games that are better than the arcade version? [fixes minor bugs, etc]

K4, the only thing wrong with American releases of NGBC and KOFxi are the console exclusive stages. Other than that, they are arcade perfect.

i’d be definetly willing to play it. Im really excited for KoF 98 UM.

If u have a stick, a car, and the will to drive to meet comp then maybe we can play sometime.

Money matches are a big plus :slight_smile:

AI should get the machine when the game comes out, so you dont hafta just play console…oh wait…you hate Japanese sticks. :stuck_out_tongue:

AI = trash … not good =(

Lets get on topic again: What about KOF MIRA being Arcade Perfect ?

Arcana heart is too girlish for me =/

MIRA is good shit. Get it! Why is AI trash? even on Friday/Saturday nights? or is it the sticks?

Sticks … unplayable on high level play … like online play.

Arcana Heart is arcade perfect.

i dont like pink lemonade its too girly

i am thirsty though

Arcana Heart also has nothing or almost nothing but 2d/2.5d sprites/models of prepubecent females as fighting game characters. Not something just anyone will pick up and play.

People who play games are under 18, and only guys play games! Arcana Heart is the complete answer to all gamers!

well, ok then

yeah, i know that was sarcasm…but really…

pink lemonade also has nothing or almost nothing but water/sugar/syrup. not something just anyone will pick up and drink.

but it still tastes nice on a hot summer day

is it that hard to tell the difference between a sprite and a 3d model dude

yup I just turned 17 yesterday =/