ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3

Hi guys we (Arcade PC) and me would like to introduce you a new line of cases that we want to sell
These are made by him and are customs, so you can choose color,shape and layout,
prices vary because of materials but a standard case costs $95+shipping aprox.
Cases will ship from El Paso Texas


These look rather good. One thing I’ve noticed in checking out the pictures is that all of the output holes are circular, for use with things like Neutrik USB pass-through.

Are you guys capable of making more squared housing in order to use something like the Neutrik RJ-45 feed thoughs.

Also, for 95 dollars, they look very well made. Would you be able to give me a general example of what the dimensions are and what’s included in the whole package?

Replied :slight_smile:

Gotta say, highly impressed here. This is a great case. I threw a couple of buttons in and a hayabusa because I couldn’t wait to open it up.

I’m glad that you like it since you are our first customer :smiley:

wow these look very nice. i might be interested in one. are you guys still in business?

Sure, hit me up

Really nice cases, good luck with sales.

interesting. I will look into it

any of them ready or you gotta make them??

pm sent

These are custom made, so they need about 25-30 days to be made

got my order in. can’t wait :slight_smile:

extremely helpful, patient, and polite person to deal with. Will update once I receive the item! Thanks again Kihara

Nice looking stuff.

So is that 95 for a sanded only case? Also what thickness is the plexi you are using for a top panel?

If you want a DIY we can make something cheaper, send me a PM so we can talk what you have on mind

Love the shape of the case!

Well due to some issues that were unavoidable. i did end up waiting a little bit longer then expected. However the quality of the sticks alone were woth absolutly amy hiccup that may have occured. The case is truely something else i purchased two of them and pictures do not do it justics

Update, last cases made

Can u do a 6 button noir?