Arcade Parts Vendors

Hey guys! I’m new to the forum and recently purchased the a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 T.E. Fightstick. After drooling over your stunningly beautiful user-submitted fighstick pictures, I was eager to order some parts and get my mod on! Before I get started, would you guys know of any websites to order stick parts? I’m familiar with LizardLick, FocusAttack, and ArcadeParadise but are there more reliable vendors?

FocusAttack is probably all you need, but has a little more button selection, or for plexi.

I’m sure someone will be along shortly to tell you to read the stickies…

I didn’t come across a stickied topic that dealt with Vendors… If there’s a sticky, I’m sorry for the wasted post.

READ the threads for ABSOLUTE NOOBIES and INFO THREAD: RULES, FAQS, etc. before you waste a post.

New people have it much easier than older members did when they joined…!

So much of what you’d ask – probably at least 75% – is in those threads.

There are tons of links and explanations within those threads so that the same questions don’t have to be asked for the millionth time!
All you’d need to know except the most nit-picky crap (cables used on arcade systems 20 years ago and other arcane knowledge) is there…

I’m beginning to think a basic reading comprehension test should be a requirement for joining SRK because it doesn’t seem like half of us understand what FAQs and stickies are for…

LAUGH OUT FUNNY because this is too tru


Please refer to the INFO THREAD.