Arcade nostalgia

Anyone miss the good ol days of the arcade like I do??? The good ol days for me would be the period between 2000-2007

Anyone else have a specific time when they missed going to the arcades???

chinatownfair was the best…

I’d join anyone playing any game just to beat them lol

that and cvs2 scene was somewhat active fridays. random people ACTUALLY showed up to play. I miss the ghetto arcade machines with american sticks and terrible buttons.

For me it was all about super arcade, arcade infinity and even Tilt at west covina mall. I’ll never forget those 2 brothers that used to dominate at mvc2 around 2001. I remember they owned a luggage shop directly below so that was why they were always at Tilt hahaha

I miss playing Donkey Kong and Pac Man in the mall arcades in the early 1980s. Damn, I feel old. There are gray streaks in my fucking beard.

At casuals last week in Boise my friends told me they could hear my knuckles crack every time I did my Ultra :frowning:

Mid 90’s. Fighting games everywhere I looked. A beautiful period in gaming history.

Man I miss all the people I met that no longer come to arcades

all the 90’s basically my golden years in mexico.

My fav arcade time was from 1984-1998. I miss those days so i decided to have my own arcade.

i think the oldest arcade left in p-town is tilt… :shake:

Damn I like your setups rcaido, where are you currently located???

Much love, rcaido. Tell the Asian wife I said hi. :tup:

Going to vegas in the mid 90’s was bliss. Pockets filled with quarters and beating down fools in KI, Hyper Fighting and XvS was heaven.

Throughout all this I feel bad for never having been to FFA once before it closed. That’s been one of my biggest regrets in my arcade life back in the day.

1994-1998 was a great time. So many good fighters in that stretch. But you could tell when new technologies were starting to affect the way people went to arcades–you’d see kids at the machines with a printout of moves, as if they didn’t know the difference between playing there and playing in their living room. They were easy pickings. It seemed to be especially prevalent with UMK3 players.

Most of my nostalgia is from those years. I got competitive for a while later on, and I have a few good arcade memories from that time, but arcades were basically over by then.

I miss niggas coming through with the handy cams to get their homeboys on camera getting bodied.

Damn seems like the mid 90s were better than the first half of the 2000s

Too bad I was hella young back then

Nickel City in the 90s (CMR and Mira Mesa CA), a dollar lasted a long time there. Caught a glimpse of real ST and A3 comp there, instead of just reading vague “Alex Valle this and that” articles in EGM. Which kind of led me to this hole in the wall.

Then the 00s in random Japan arcades with shmup craziness, arcades treating VF4’s debut like a new emperor was anointed, and tons of deluxe racing/shooting cabs-- I’m talking Sega Rally 2 in a rally car replica, F-Zero cabs that flipped you upside down. Kid in a candy store. Japan now is like the West 10 years ago, all but major arcades shutting down left and right, smartphone games too OP.

Roughly 92- 2003

Not continuously, but I believe TMNT: turtles in time and X-men were the earliest games in the arcade that I played.

With regards to fighters, SF2 CE, and HF were the first. I played the Alphas, with 2 and 3 mostly in arcades as opposed to console for the SF2 era.
MK2 , and UMK3 were the most played in my area of the MK series.
For some reason, I didnt get into KI at all, and the Versus series (thought it was 2 crazy).

1999-2000 in my college were great, b/c they had a TTT 1 machine with lots of people playing. Lot of competition.
CVS2 was pretty fun as well; I think that was the last game everyone played super intently and enjoyed.

2003 was when SVC Chaos came out and I tried it, but didnt like it. I believe that was the last real time that I went regularly to the arcades.

Technically I went to Gameworks Schaumberg in 2012 and played AE, and TTT2 (I was in Chicago at the time; my local arcades in FL were dead by then)

Good times :slight_smile:

I remember beasting at Aladdin’s Palace when I was in VA. The last time I was there I got whopped by some Asian dude using MSS tho. I mainly played Tekken back then so I couldn’t even wavedash. That was my last time at a arcade that’s worthy of mentioning.

Oh man svc chaos I remember playing that game religiously at super arcade in spring of 2004. Back then trying to do those max cancels with iori, kyo and geese were a pain to do. Everyone used to think Terry was super cheap in that game too a hahaha