Arcade MvC2 vs Xbox MvC2

Yeah yeah, the recent happenings at evo got me interested in MvC2 again. Sadly I don’t have my copy anymore, and am having trouble finding a copy. I’ll have to get the new copy for Xbox, and I was wondering if it is as bad as the PS2 version of the game.

What are the differences in the XBox version? I played it briefly and only noticed that the sound was superb unlike the PS2 version. What else?

(EDIT: I know these threads have been done many a time before, but I couldn’t find one with the search.)

Well its not as bad as ps2 and not as good as dc IMO…lol sad to say i own copys for dc ps2 and xbox lol why i have no clue.

just download it for dc.

Sprite sizes for one. Changes combos a bit. it’s easier for me to do certain combos on PS2 because the sprites are bigger. Also, characters can get hit while alpha countering out, so chip damage (like AHVB) is guaranteed to kill if the opponent blocks it at all.

i’ll make a custom one for u at the end of the summer if u want, if not i can send u out a copy of mvc2 regular or a disk with 3s, cvs2, mvc2 all in one with swapable music for the games in the options menu.

Cvs2 with 3s music is really fun.

i wont charge u for it either, but if u could pay the shipping that’d be nice lol

mvc2 with cvs1/cfj cuts=the tightest

We call that disk the “Triple Threat” around our way; a must-have for every local scene, I give away copies to friends just so they can be out there.

3S music goes well with any of the games - come to think of it, I don’t think anybody around here uses either of the other two soundtracks as alternates.

On topic: Wasn’t this person asking about XBox? I heard it’s better than PS2 in the unlikely event that you can actually find it.

No Jugg glitch in the xbox version.

^ Wow, no kidding?

Well, that automatically makes it a$$ in my book… :rofl:

Yo Jugg, If you still have any more copies of that “Triple Thread” Disc mentioned above, I would like a copy. I’m assuming it is for Dreamcast.

Let me know and I can probably pick it up next time we all get together. :tup:

No prob; I gotcha covered. I’ll make sure to bring one to the SC tourney and Lu’s cookout, should catch you at one of those.

the CVS2 soundtrack would be alrite…
the xbox version has diff songs… like akuma song… sf remix… some gay metal song… and other stuff…

:tup: Thanks!

definitely get the xbox version. the ps2 version when you do supers especially when you dhc it glitches alot like it just cant handle it.

lots of glitches were taken out, sound muffled, gfx and sprites are worse, i think invinsiblity on AAA’s like psy, cykes and people are out. counters no longer safe and such

the best solution, get a burnt disc for the dreamcast, or orginal copy, as well as a dreamcast… and a good stick…why settle for less(less being the ps2 and xbox versions)

I’d love to download a Dreamcast copy. Then again, I’d love to download a Dreamcast. Mine went the way of the dinosaur long ago.

But hey, since some of you are kind enough to be sending copies of the game, does anybody feel like sending me a working DC to play it on? =p

Oh, also, I have the SF Anniv. stick for the Xbox. I’d have no 'cade stick for DC.

If u wanna play Mvc2 u gotta get a cast, the other ones just suck. They took things out, they just messed it up really bad.


the better question is, whats a good xbox or ps2 -> dc converter? so I can play my SFAC stick on the dc :x

edit: also if someone could hook me up with the image of the cd i could burn it since i have a legit copy of all 3 and shit