Arcade mode

Hello all, I’m a complete noob and I’ve just brought CVS2 for gamecube :D. I love street fighter as I used to play it as a kid on the SNES, but I don’t understand how arcade mode works - each time i complete it I get challenged by a different character or I just see the foot of them if they don’t challenge me. Does anyone know the conditions in which you get to play different boss’s and what happens if you beat them?

So far I have been challenged by akuma, s.akuma and I’ve seen rugal and bison’s foot on the roof behind the victory parade.

well… cvs2 aint so great for the GC unless u got a stick…

basically the bosses depends on ur performance in the game.

dramatic finishes and no continuing and over 1000 gp should garuntee u a challenger and shin akuma or ultra rugal…

sorry I dont really kno the conditions… but if u want to fight the bosses… I suggest u do boss mode =)

dont think there is a boss mode? but i unlocked groove edit :D. However i agree the GC controls are crap for cvs2.

i’m tempted to buy a new console, which console is best for sf, dreamcast, xbox, ps2?

The best fighting game console is the dreamcast, followed by a modded xbox.

I think if you have to satisfy 2 of 3 requirements:

  1. x amount of points (cant remember the exact number)
  2. get challenged and beat a boss before the Final Fight in Osaka stadium.
  3. get a finest KO

Supposedly if you pick a Capcom groove (c, a, or p) you will fight G. Rugal at the end. If you pick an SNK groove (s, n, or k) you will fight Shin Akuma.

Well, atleast thats what I’ve heard. 9/10 times for me its that way. For some reason or other I’ve fought S. Akuma when I used C groove before. Perhaps someone else can clarify. should have the exact details.

thanx v much :D, btw modded xbox? - heard alot about them before, what is improved normally, larger hard disk space or can you get other upgraded specs?