Arcade List? (Seattle/Bellevue)

Is there an arcade list anywhere for the PacNW area (Specifically Seattle/Eastside areas) with what games they have available? The closest “arcade” to me is PowerPlay in Lincoln Square (Bellevue) and they have ZERO fighting games there as it does not cater to game players; instead it caters to drunk rich 20-somethings who are trying to be like “OMG hot girl that I’m trying to plow, look at how fun and nerdy I am by playing this arcade version of Guitar Hero… aren’t I so quirky!”

So yeah, back to my question… are there any REAL arcades in the area?

Heh :frowning:

Gameworks in Seattle has an AE machine (not 2012 I don’t think)
Acme Bowling has an AE machine, but it’s in Tukwilla

There might be others but there isn’t anything in the way of great arcades that I know of.

Depends on how old you are, but Dorky’s in downtown Tacoma is a good place to go. 21+ after a certain time. Has all arcade games from 1980s and 1990s

Acme Bowl’s AE machine is now gone.

Full Tilt Ice Cream down in Ballard has both an ST machine in a candy cab and a MVC2 cab in pretty good condition

Why is their AE machine gone?

Another Castle up in Edmonds has an 3S cab and I think a Super Turbo, but that’s about it.

No ST at Another Castle, just CE, unless they changed it within the last month.

I think the AE at Acme Bowl moved to Dorky’s in Tacoma

Nope, you’re right. I was only there once a few months ago, and was trying to remember what exactly they had.