Arcade Legends Inaugural SFIV Tournament - Fairfield, OH (Cincinnati) - May 30th

When: Saturday May 30th, 2009 ( Doors open at 11 am, Tournaments begin at 8 pm) Best of 3 Single elimination so it shouldn’t last past 1am
Game: Street Fighter IV - all characters unlocked and playable
Where: 2 miles off exit 42 on I-275 in Fairfield. About 20 minutes North of downtown Cincinnati. 45 Minutes from Dayton. Nearly 2 days drive from California.

5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

You can pay and register at by Paypal, you can stop in the arcade during business hours or call us at 513-874-8766 and pay with a credit card over the phone.
The pot is split 70-20-10. We need a minimum of 16 entrants, 32 would be ideal.
Total cost is $15 which is $8 admission to the arcade (which includes ALL DAY FREE PLAY on all 50+ games we have) and $7 towards the pot.
Other Important Info: We will have 2 XBOX 360 setups and 2 PS3 setups. We will have everything needed but you are welcome to bring your own stick (don’t forget to bring converters if necessary for PS2 sticks).

Street Fighter 4 Tournament $7:
Cash Prizes (70/20/10) *PLUS a free admission to come back to the top 4.
Start time is 8:00 Pm
Single Elimination - Random Brackets
Each match is 3 rounds and you must win 2/3 3 round games to advance
Grand Final will be 3/5 matches.

All characters unlocked and selectable including Seth and Gouken
Winner Keeps same character/Loser may Change character
The Final Match will be on Playstation 3 on the giant screen setup unless the 2 finalists agree on one of the other setups.

-Please be respectful of others, Bullying or Blatant rudeness to other players will result in ejection from the event.

Of course Dayton will slide on to this.

I’ve heard some good things about this place, I will see if anyone from Columbus is interested in coming down!


i’ll definitely be there :smiley: can’t wait

That’s awesome – hopefully I’ll make it down there one of these days soon. Best of luck!

I’ll be there, in fact, I’ve already payed via pay-pal (awesome idea btw).

Actually I’m trying to get some non-fighting game people to go just to hang out, so maybe I’ll see you guys there after all. I don’t have anything going on this weekend

Man, that’s a laaate start time though – even if the tourney only was 16 people, that’s gonna take awhile – SFIV is a sloow-moving game. You might want to consider posting an earlier start time.

Also, will you have Sunset Riders running??

They do have Sunset Riders. You should come out Ghaleon, I’ll bring my PS2 and we can finally get some 3s matches in! :wonder:

Yeah, Nash and I are coming for sure. I’m trying to get some other people going (from the DDR scene too) but lots of people seem to be busy this weekend. Jesse said he’d have Sunset Riders up and running!

bury me with my money

I’m gonna go for the TG record on it actually since the posted one is terrible.

There’s a great opportunity for people to get Twin Galaxies world records on these machines, since MAME and real boards are different categories on TG – and most really good scores are in the MAME categories. The Sunset Riders board record is $22,000, from 1997, haha.

I’m not too busy and I’ve been wanting to check this place out. I want to play some old beat em ups for a little but then play 3s the rest of the night.

Wow the place looks great :tup:. Will definitely need to check it out sometime.

Sweet Mario/Hank, I’ll see you guys there.

I’ll bring a couple systems and games, plus a TV probably, in case they end up being needed. Alan (MvC2fanatic – Marvel player from TX who lives in Cle now) might come down with us too – it sounds like he’s in.

edit: Also, if you guys have seen Osirun’s site,, but he’s trying to provide player profiles/content for Midwest players. Since it’s going to be a bunch of us around on Saturday, I’d like to get some player profiles with anyone who wants to sit down for a minute, take a pic, and chat it up.

props for having dark silhouette now find a moo mesa

I will be there. Plus lots of great arcade games that look well taken care of, nice.

Ghaleon im down , sounds fun

See you guys tomorrow.

Jesse, if you’re cool with helping me out for a minute on the machine some time tomorrow, I was gonna try to film a world record for Twin Galaxies on Sunset Riders. Figured it’d be a nice way to break a classic arcade in!

I’ll bring you a hardcopy of the TG arcade submission procedures too in case people start wanting to go for record attempts now and then.

Okay; Carnevil, Zerogunner, Tower of Doom, Rolling Thunder and Magic Sword are gettin conquered tomorrow with an iron fist.

Will there be room for a 3s setup? I can bring my ps2. Also, I got a ps3 stick people can use for the tourney.

We got some Sunset Riders experts in our midst.


Mario don’t forget that HnK!