Arcade layout for TVC

what is the official buttons layout for game? right now Im using this
low :snka: mid :snkb: high :snkc:
partner :snkd:

I can’t seem to get used to this layout b/c its hard to do mega crush this way, other than that its pretty easy using this layout
low:snka: mid :snkb:
partner :snkd: high :snkc:

it want know b/c if the arcade has a different layout then im F***ED

The top layout is the official layout for TvC. But if you feel more comfortable with the bottom then rock that.

Y’know… I’m an old school Neo Geo player so you’d think I’d have no problem with the 4 button layout. For whatever reason, I struggle to get comfortable as well.

I started to worry about using an arcade perfect layout until it occurred to me - I’m probably never going to get a chance to play this game in an arcade. Like, ever.

So, why worry? Just go with what feels good.

I think the bottom layout is the default layout on the Wii. That is the one I use because everything seems to flow better.

This is covered in the basics thread, a sticky on this very forum. Please start there in the future.